The Quarantine Must Watch – Netflix’s Outer Banks

Looking for a new TV series to quickly binge? Look NO FURTHER.  

Netflix just dropped the first season of Outer Banks, a new original TV series that follows a group of childhood friends on a treasure hunt.

If it doesn’t sound up your alley, just trust me, and watch the damn show, because I had the same exact thoughts when I read the description.

It’s 10 episodes of witty comebacks, teenagers being teenagers, boating, and a little bit of treasure hunting. Oh! There’s also a shipwreck or two and a love triangle…

  1. 1. The Onscreen Friendships

    The first reason Outer Banks is such a captivating show is the cast itself. Offscreen the cast is really close and that is illustrated really well throughout the season. It’s almost as if the cameras are catching glimpses into the cast’s real conversations and tomfoolery.   

    I really enjoyed the banter between the onscreen friends and certain scenes reminded me of my time in high school. Picking up friends to partake in some not-so-smart activities? Sign me up!

    The group of Pogues – John B, JJ, Pope, and Kiara – are witty, pretty, and entertaining to watch.

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched a show where I've seen my friends and I reflected within the main characters. Minus the treasure hunt, of course…

  2. 2. The Actual Plot

    The overarching plot of the treasure hunt is definitely a reason to watch the show.

    It is so different than the other binge-worthy shows on Netflix right now. Aside from the actual teenage lifestyle these kids are living post-hurricane, watching the group of friends find clues and run around the island is a lot of fun!

    I was worried that the show would be a bit top teeny-bopper with bad acting and a weird plot for me to enjoy. But I was SO wrong. The plot is really enticing and the acting is on par. As the viewer, you get to also piece together the puzzle alongside the gang.

    Once I caught on to a few major players, I thought I would be bored, but I was pleasantly surprised by a few twists and turns.

  3. 3. The Setting

    I am a sucker for anything that takes place on a beach. I grew up on Long Island and summertime was always the best time of the year. Watching the characters live their lives, party, go boating, and watch outdoor movies was calming in this time of quarantine.

    The series takes place after a hurricane wipes out the power for the lower-class area of the island, so the viewer doesn’t see the kids on their phones or just watching TV at all.  

    When the friends are not hunting for treasure, the viewer watches relationships bloom and old rivals come out.

    There are scenes of parties and of fishing, and the show is grounded in the ideals of these kids growing up on an island.

  4. 4. The Class Representation

    Outer Banks doesn’t shy away from the class disparity issues society has today. It’s actually a huge part of the show's plot. The Pogues are constantly rivaled against the Kooks, or the rich kids, to put it simply.

    There are subtle, yet constant reminders of the class disparity through the season, which do wonders for setting up the tensions that rise throughout the season.

Outer Banks is 100% worth the watch. It’s easy to just put on and binge in a day or two. I would recommend watching the last two episodes together though, so if you aren’t going to binge the whole season, at least watch the last part together. I won’t lie, when I first started watching it, I didn’t give the first few episodes the attention they deserved, so I will probably be re-watching it. But overall, the show had me laughing along with the characters and even screaming at the screen by the end. I already cannot wait to watch the second season and have all my questions answered.

The first question I want answered: how do I become an extra for this show?!


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