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Pros and Cons of the Melting Snow

Pro: Spring is Finally Coming

This winter has felt like an eternity here in Boston, and the snow has been piled so high it felt like spring would never come. Thankfully, with melting snow it means the temperatures are rising and spring will finally be upon us!

Pro: You’ll Be Able to See the Grass

The snow around the city has literally been almost 4 feet in places. Everything feels gray, dull and boring. But, with the snow finally making an exit, soon we’ll be able to see that green grass we know and love on the BU beach and Comm. lawn!

Pro: Being Able to Cross the Road Safely

One of the worst things this winter is the humongous snow piles on the corners of Comm. Ave. You can’t see anything when you cross the street and you basically take your life into your hands when you make your way up to the crosswalk! With warmer temps making their way into the city the mounds are starting to shrink and it’s getting much easier (and safer!) to cross the street!

Pro: Ugly Brown Piles Will Disappear

When the snow first falls, it makes Boston look like a pretty winder wonderland, dusting the roads buildings and trees. But as we’re currently all witnessing, by March this ‘beautiful’ snow is dirty, brown and just plain ugly. Even better, by now most of them are frozen solid making for a slow melting process and a constant reminder of the horrible winter we dealt with. Even though it may take a while, just knowing that these gross piles are getting smaller and smaller reminds us spring is coming and winter depression is over!

Pro: Adding More Shoes into Your Daily Wardrobe

By now, Bean Boots, Hunter Boots and Sorels have been the daily staple of everyone’s wardrobe. Thankfully with winter finally leaving us, the stained Uggs and tired boots can be put away to eventually make room for our favorite Sperry’s and flats!

Even though there isn’t one person here in Boston who is sad to see this winter go, it doesn’t mean our transition into spring and summer will be an easy one!


Con: Huge Puddles

The huge piles of snow still stationed around the city are going to make for an interesting melting situation. When temperatures start to rise, the snow everywhere will have nowhere to go except sidewalks and streets where most of the drains are clogged or still snow-covered! Maybe it’s best to still keep those Hunter Boots handy…

Con: Night Freezing

When the daytime temps do some much-needed snow melting there’s plenty of water all around the streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, the nighttime temps this time of year usually fall wayyy down and can even cause some freezing. So of course, when we head outside for our 9ams expecting sun and warm temps we’re pleasantly surprised by the still frozen metal plates on the BU Bridge, causing for an unexpected slip and slide.

Con: Mud

While we’re longing for those days of green grass and sun bathing on the BU beach, when you’ve had this much snow all winter and it finally melts, it’s sure to make for some squishy situations. Eventually, the mud will dry and we can finally head outside for some much-needed Vitamin D, but we’re going to need some dry sunny days to help dry up those lawns first.

Con: Melting off Roofs

If you’ve been walking anywhere near Warren Towers these past few warm days, you know that you have to stay as close to the building as possible, to avoid huge drops of water falling right onto your head. It’s definitely a welcome sign to see water dripping down the side of CAS and the icicles finally shrinking down, but avoiding drips, drops and full on snowfall from the roofs can be a tricky task!

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