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Preston Edwards (Marketing ’16)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Meet Preston Edwards, 20, a Newport, RI native, ladies’ man and party animal whose charisma and marketing skills are perhaps comparable to that of Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And this University of Boston (yes, you read that correctly) Marketing major is certainly no average Joe. His larger than life personality matches his even larger wallet. Yes ladies, he’s loaded and he isn’t afraid to show it! Whether you catch this cutie in full on business mogul mode or bro-ing it up with the guys, you’ll never experience a dull moment with him.

 So if you want to roll with this cutie, you’re going to have to keep up! He’s an ambitious go-getter. Preston always has business on his mind and is always looking for the next big idea.

“In the words of Kanye, ‘I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go/ And I’m looking pretty hood in my pink polo’,” said Preston.

Flaws? He doesn’t seem to have any. But if you had to choose a downfall it would be his social media obsession. His phone is practically an extension of himself– “hah! Just hit five hundred Instagram followers. Hashtag instacool,” said Preston, mid-interview.

But he’s not all fun and games. This cutie takes his looks pretty seriously, managing to keep his wardrobe on point.

“I like to call my style ‘country club Kanye.’ Sure I love my top-siders and Jack Wills, but I’m not above a diamond studded iPhone case, you know what I mean?”

In terms of what’s featured on his party playlist, Preston’s music choices generally mirror his personality: flashy and upbeat.

“Diddy and Ke$ha are my heroes. I can totally relate to their struggle of being too famous and good looking. When I’m in a funk I’ll treat myself to some Yonce- she always cheers me up. “Pretty Hurts” is a personal favorite.”

Preston generally has his hands full with his test selling business, but he usually tries to sneak time in for his other interests too. 

“I’m pretty busy with my entrepreneurial endeavors, but then again, are you ever too busy to update your fitspiration Pinterest board or to spit some hot beats of Adele instrumentals? Didn’t think so.”

Lucky for you ladies, Preston isn’t taken and is still out on the prowl.

“I like a girl who looks good in lax pinnies, knows the words to every Hoodie Allen song, and owns a boat. It’s a total turn-off if she has more Instagram followers than me,” said Preston.

Interested much?  I know you are! Check him out on Facebook:

Our brief moment with Preston had unfortunately come to an end. But he wouldn’t dare leave our HCBU readers without one final word of advice: He would love for you to check out the new webseries “Paper Trail,” created by his friends over at Boston University– it premieres October 7th on butv10.com and YouTube.com/WesPalmerFilm. So like Preston, let’s get with the winning team…. that is, the team that’s going to tune in to the show! 

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