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Post-Winter Break Depression and How to Handle it

Saying bye to your month long vacation is an achievement in itself. Lots of people can’t wait to come back to school, but some of us take a lot more time to mourn the end of sleeping in and eating good food back at home. If you’re still feeling blue (both from the cold and the start of classes) here’s a few tips to brighten up what lies on your horizon.

1)    Look Forward to Your Classes

Maybe saying this to people who are taking chemistry and biology is stretching a bit, but even when you’re not getting over post-break depression, finding something interesting to look forward to in your classes helps stave off that gnawing sense of dread you’d otherwise feel. Flip through the syllabus; are you watching an interesting movie later on? Discussing something thought provoking? At the very least, a day the professor cancelled class in advance? Finding even one thing to look forward to helps you from beginning to end (and this technique isn’t just for getting through classes, either!)

2)    Get Involved in Your Clubs

If you didn’t get to be very active in clubs last semester, or feel like you didn’t go as often as you wanted, set aside time to go and participate. You should even branch out and try introducing yourself to new clubs you were interested in, but never got around to checking out.

3)    Pretend it’s Your First Semester Again

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, by now we’ve all got at least one semester under our belts. See everything with new eyes. Admire the sunny weather. Watch the snowflakes fall. Make it a point to introduce yourself to someone new in each of your classes, even if you’re with friends. Explore parts of the city you’ve never seen, or visit your favorite places after not being there for a long time. Surround yourself with the wonder of discovering new things, even if you’re finding out new information about things you’re already familiar with!

4)    Connect with Old Friends and Make New Ones

Not only are you back with the friends you left behind in school, but now you have a whole new semester to make new ones! If you feel like you weren’t as social as you could be the first semester (which is fine, guilty as charged) take advantage now that you feel more settled and open yourself up to more people. A new best friend could be waiting behind every new face. Or maybe not. You won’t know if you don’t try.

5)    If All Else Fails

If everyone around you seems delighted to be back and you still find yourself feeling dejected and like you can’t shake it off, talk to someone you trust. It can be a best friend, a significant other, a parent, a sibling, or even a counselor. You don’t have to keep it to yourself, and there are many others who are just as overwhelmed, whether it’s because of schoolwork, homesickness or any other amount of reasons. Remember that your college has tons of resources for you and that you’re never alone, no matter how lonely you feel. You have a lot ahead of you! Until then, see you when summer comes around!


Nicole is a junior Film/TV major at Boston University. She's an Argentinean first generation student who made the leap from Miami to Boston for college. She has chosen writing as a career for reasons no one can explain, except maybe with theories of her masochistic tendencies. She dreams of being on a writing team for a sitcom and someday becoming a showrunner of her own original show.
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