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Poshmark: Perfect for Making Cash or Saving It

In college, it’s really easy to burn through cash. A night out to dinner can easily be 30 dollars, shopping can easily rack up spending, and a daily Starbucks coffee can add up. So how can you earn some extra money on the side without getting a job or taking on further time commitments? Poshmark.


This online clothes-selling app is genius. I’ve been using Poshmark to sell my unworn clothes since my freshman year of college and just this year I’ve made at least $300.

Poshmark is super easy to use. All you do is make a profile, take a photo of the item your willing to part with, upload it to the site, and you’re done! When someone wants to buy your item, they’ll either purchase it then or try to negotiate with you by making an “offer.”

Once your item sells, you print out the shipping label that Poshmark emails you, pack your item in a box (I use boxes from the mail room) and drop it off at the post office. When your item reaches its destination, the buyer will accept the package and Poshmark will credit you the amount it was purchased for, minus a portion that goes to them.


Poshmark does take a percentage of your earnings though. According to Poshmark.com, the company takes $2.95 from an item under $15 and if it’s more than that, they take 20% of your listed price.

Once Poshmark has credited the amount that you sold your item for (minus their cut), the money is stored on the app for you to use to purchase something for yourself. Or you can take the money off the app by linking your bank account or requesting for them to send you a check by mail.

I’ve bought a couple of things off this app and have accumulated a couple tips:


1. It’s best to already know what you’re looking for before turning to Poshmark.

There are A LOT of items being sold on Poshmark. Some are really great and in perfect condition, while others may not be. I’ve found its best to be as specific as possible when shopping on Poshmark. Knowing the name, brand, and size of the item you’re looking for will save you tons of time.

2. While I’ve been lucky with buying authentic, high-end items on Poshmark, beware of fakes.

Last fall I bought a pair of Ray-Bans off of Poshmark for $75 and I was lucky that they ended up being authentic. BUT, there are a lot of fakes out there. While Poshmark does have an authentication service, the item has to be considered “luxury,” over $500 and sent to Poshmark headquarters for authentication all before it ships to you.

If you’re looking to buy a really high-end-item secondhand, I’d suggest using a resale app that specializes in high end items such as The Real Real or Tradesy. These apps authenticate more of their items and have stricter policies than Poshmark.



3. Check on Poshmark for an item before buying it new.

I do this all the time. If I know I want a specific pair of boots, I’ll search them on Poshmark first to see if I can get them used and for cheaper than buying them new. This is a great way to be environmentally conscious because instead of buying a brand-new item, you can get it “like new” for significantly less.

Credit: Gabriella Messina

I have bought a couple of Lululemon leggings and shirts and a sweatshirt on Poshmark, all for at least half what they cost brand new. I’ve also bought winter coats (which living in Boston we NEED) that were still being sold in stores, but that I got on Poshmark for $30 instead of $160. Sometimes sellers are really desperate to get rid of their items.


4. Oftentimes you can find brand new, unworn items that still have tags.

The pair of Lululemon leggings I got? They shipped to me still with the tags on, completely unworn, and I got them for $75 instead of $98. (Not the best deal but you have to consider the item you’re buying and the fact that the seller wants to make a profit.)


5. Always wash your item once you get it.

This is just a safety precaution, but always wash your item before you wear it.



Poshmark is an awesome tool, especially for college students on a budget. It’s an excellent way for you to make some money and stay on trend without breaking the bank.


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Gabriella is studying English at Boston University and is a member of the class of 2020. Her past times include reading, watching tv, working out, and spending time with friends! Gabriella loves going to school in Boston and spending her weekends exploring the city and taking advantage of all the free events it offers, but she also really misses her Jeep. Favorite book: The Great Gastby. Favorite T.V. Show: Gossip Girl.
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