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A Peek Inside the Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit

With finals season just arriving and the holiday season in the midst, Her Campus has got you covered with their holiday survival kit! I tried out a bunch of these products and they are all sure to help you survive the holidays after the stress of finals season. So, here are the goodies:

BUXOM Va-Va-Plump™ Shiny Liquid Lipstick

This liquid lipstick is perfect for any holiday party! It was very easy to apply and it went smoothly onto my lips. As soon as I applied the lipstick, my lips started tingling and within a couple minutes, I could tell my lips had plumped up a bit. The color is a beautiful wine red shade as well.

XOXO LUV for Women by XOXO Eau de Parfum Spray

With a fresh, romantic, and playful scent, this perfume is the perfect finishing touch during the holidays. The scent is a fantastic combination of fruit, flowers, and vanilla, which is a balance made in Heaven. I can’t wait for all of my relatives to hug me on Christmas and tell me: “You smell so good!”

Alba Botanica® Acnedote™ Pimple Patches

Is finals season giving you the worst stress acne? Alba Botanica® has got you covered! You won’t be showing up to Christmas dinner with a massive zit on your face. These dermatologist-tested pimple patches help pimples heal faster and are non-drying! You can leave them on for up to eight hours, so they’re perfect for an overnight remedy. I can’t wait to try them out!


Credit: Amazon

The DivaCup®, a menstrual cup, promises 12 hours of leak-free protection and is reusable, therefore eliminating the inconvenience and expense of disposable products. It can even be used overnight! The cup isn’t for everyone (honestly, I’m a little apprehensive about trying it) but it could be the perfect trick for you to survive the worst time of the month.

The Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit is packed with goodies that will take the stress out of the holiday season. Make sure to check them out!


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Alexandra Kallfelz is a senior studying journalism at Boston University. Besides writing, Alexandra's passions include color guard, travel, Netflix, music, and Disney. She is a pure-blood New Englander and a dog fanatic.
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