PathSource: Your App for the Future

Has job hunting got you worried and depressed? As with all things in life, there’s a solution to that: PathSource.

PathSource is your one stop to future career advice. One feature to this app is access to interviews from people involved in all kinds of careers. If you’re interested in being an actor or a pilot, the app has just the person for you to hear from. These interviews give a general idea of the type of lives they lead within the career and advice for students who aspire to be in their position. If you’re still not sure as to what major you’re looking to enter, no sweat! PathSource includes a tool that helps you check out various majors, and what each of them entails.

Another feature includes showing exactly what types of jobs and where they are located. This allows students to get a feel for what will suit them the best.

The app also includes a page for job postings, so that once a student decide what career field they are interested in, they can immediately look through jobs.

In addition to help finding what type of work you can do, the app is also designed to help you save money. It has recommendations personalized for you in order to help you save some much needed cash for those pesky loans.

Although PathSource started as a website, the concept has evolved into an app currently available for the iPhone. The developers plan to have the Android version out sometime this summer.

Anyone can download the app! Although it does sound too good to be true, the app is free and safe for anyone to use. In fact, it is currently partnered with MIT, Northeastern, and BU’s own Questrom School of Business. Fun fact: the CEO of PathSource, Aaron Michel is a BU alum.

Let’s show some Terrier pride and give the app a try!