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Outfits to Wear on Flights

Let’s face the facts, flying sucks. Between security lines, man-spreading neighbors, and crying babies, it is one of the worst ways to travel. Unfortunately if you go to school far away and want to see your family ever, it’s a necessary evil. One way to cope with it is by dressing in way that is comfortable but makes you still feel like a human after the flight. Here are five outfits to wear while flying—depending on flight time.


If Your Flight Is 1-2 Hours Long

If you have a quick flight home you don’t have to worry as much about maximizing comfort and instead you can focus on looking put together. That way when you land the first thing out of your mom’s mouth isn’t “Oh my god, you look so exhausted”.

Jeans (jeggings if we’re being realistic) are great because they give the illusion of trying when paired with riding boots. A watch is great for making sure you don’t miss your flight.


If Your Flight is 3-4 Hours Long

Once you tread into four hours of flying, comfort takes precedence over fashion. That doesn’t mean you can’t look cute, but leggings are a must.  

By using a backpack instead of a tote bag you can bring more things to do on the plane without killing your shoulder with the weight. Riding boots allow comfort and are easy to take off during security


If Your Flight is 5-6 Hours

After 5 hours the idea of real fashion goes out the window, and campus fashion replaces it. Comfort is key, so fuzzy socks will keep your feet warm while a light long sleeve shirt will make sure you don’t get overheated.


If Your Flight is 7 or more Hours

At seven or more hours the idea of looking put together might seem laughable, but this cute sweatshirt maintains a feeling of “I thought about my clothes before putting them on my body” while also saying the only things you truly love in life.


If You’re on a Redeye

Since it is technically frowned upon for adults to wear their pajamas in public (it’s rough growing up, I know), sweatpants and a sweatshirt are the next best things. Sports bras are a necessity for any flight longer than a few hours because it is impossible to get truly comfortable when your boobs are in boob jail. Neck pillows and eye masks are essential for trying to get sleep, as are noise-cancelling headphones.


Those were just five outfits for flying, but tailoring these ideas to fit your personal style is key.  Just be sure to go light on the jewelry so as to not hold everyone up in the security line!

Sophie is a junior at Boston University studying Psychology and Education. When she isn't memorizing parts of the brain or writing papers on the philosophies of teaching, she likes to dance, shop, and obsess over her pet rabbit.
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