Our Bliss Favorites: Product Review

Finding the right skincare products sometimes feels like a *huge* challenge. Unlike shopping for new heels, one size does not always fit all for moisturizer and lotion. Skin is super individualized and we all have different types, sensitivities, and preferences that guide our focus. Sarah and I had a lovely opportunity from Bliss to review their products and give insight into their quality, cruelty-free, and au natural products that are perfectly priced and primed for college gals, like ourselves. 

Sarah: Today, I get the awesome opportunity to review some amazing skincare products for you all. Bliss was nice enough to send over two products for me and Sabrina to test out: the Lemon & Sage Body Butter and the Drench & Quench cream-to-water moisturizer. I was so excited to try out these products, as I’m a skincare freak and am always on the lookout for great new products. I’ve got combination skin, meaning I get really oily in my t-zone, but do occasionally get pretty dry and flaky, particularly as the weather changes. I don’t really get dry skin on my arms or legs, but as the weather gets nice and the shorts and tank tops start to be pulled from the back of my closet, I want to make sure that my skin stays smooth, supple, and moisturized.  I’ve been trying out these products for the past few days, and I can’t lie: they’re amazing!

Sabrina: If you are like me, skincare is huge. Finding the right products that suit your skin type is an uphill battle sometimes. As someone with sensitive skin and eczema, I always need to ensure the products will actually support my skin and moisturize it, without irritating it. Otherwise, my skin is typically dry and occasionally oily during the warmer months so I have been seeking new, affordable, quality products to add to my daily routine. The Bliss products were surprisingly high quality given the price point.


Sarah: First, we’ve got to talk about the scent of the body butter. With the name “lemon & sage,” I definitely had high expectations, as lemon is one of my favorite fragrances. But I was knocked out of the park with this one! It’s the perfect lemon scent. It's not too sweet, not too strong, and didn’t smell artificial, chemically, or fake at all! There’s this lovely earthiness from the sage that keeps it from smelling too juvenile; it’s a very sophisticated lemon. When you first put it on, it smells like your standing under a bunch of lemon trees on a beautiful spring day. And the scent had some serious staying power. I found that the lemon scent was still there hours later! I was definitely impressed with this scent. The drench & quench also had a lovely fragrance. It smelled very fresh and clean, almost like a body wash or soap. However, the scent disappears when the moisturizer is applied, so it’s not irritating or overpowering. I think Bliss really knocked it out of the park with both scents on these products!

Sabrina: Both scents were strong and lovely. The “Lemon and Sage” essence of the body butter provided a sweet scent that was not too sweet to the point where it smelled artificial. It was a nuanced sweet smell and both flavor notes balanced each other out. I especially loved the scent of the drench & quench moisturizer. It retains the similar sweetness from the body butter, but the scent is clean, soft, and subtle rather than the strong kick of scent from the body butter.


Sarah: Bliss packaging is really adorable, and these two products are no exception. The shade of blue that they use is really soothing—it’s this light turquoise shade that just screams relaxation. The products are sturdy and don’t feel cheap or flimsy, and aren’t hard to keep clean. The body butter tube is adorned with little pops of yellow, which is a super fun nod to the lemon scent. In general, I love Bliss packaging: it’s cute and simple, and looks good in my bathroom! 

Sabrina: I love the size of both packages because they fit perfectly into my to-go makeup bag that I pack into my purse every day for classes. The teal and yellow colors immediately attracted me and reminded me of the cute and quality products that spa’s sell. The packages were easy to open and shut firmly so I had no worries about body butter exploding everywhere during my daily commute. Overall, the packaging suits the brand and is adorable to a consumer like me.


Sarah: On the Bliss website, a 6.7oz bottle of the Lemon & Sage Body Butter retails for $12.00, while the Drench & Quench retails for $20.00. These are super reasonable prices considering the quality you are paying for. Furthermore, these prices often vary depending on where your buying--both Target and Walmart have the body butter listed at significantly cheaper prices online, with Target pricing it at $9.99 and Walmart at $7.97. I have no issue paying those prices for either of these products!

Sabrina: Typically, I spend around $15-$20 on Skincare products from stores like Target or CVS. I occasionally shop and test products from Sephora which are generally more expensive. They have a Hydrating Gel Mask that is very similar to the Drench & Quench and has the same retail price. But if you are lucky enough to find the Bliss products at Target or Walmart, you will find amazing products at a huge bargain. (Especially since skincare products for sensitive skin are usually priced higher than others)


Sarah: My favorite thing about these products is how fast absorbing and nongreasy both the body butter and the moisturizer were. I was super impressed with how lightweight the Drench & Quench was in particular. In the winter, I tend to use a super thick, oily, and greasy moisturizer because it’s just so darn dry outside, and the harsh weather really takes its toll on my face. But now that it’s starting to get nice out, I need something that will keep my face hydrated without being heavy and greasy. I already get oily and sweaty enough as it is, and I don’t need my moisturizer adding to problems! The Drench & Quench is literally the exact opposite; the second I applied it, it absorbed super quickly. When I touched my face, I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing moisturizer! My skin simply felt smooth, soft, and supple, which was a definite win for me. I noticed that same fast-acting absorption with body butter as well. When I applied it to my hands and arms, I didn't get that sticky, greasy lotion residue that I usually get with body butter. I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands together because I was so in awe of how smooth they felt! The texture of both these products was definitely impressive, and the lightweight, non-greasy moisture will be perfect for keeping me hydrated when summer finally comes!

Sabrina: As a kid, I was very picky about lotion because I always disliked the greasiness and coating that some of the cheaper lotions caused. Thankfully, Bliss products succeed in this regard. The Drench & Quench moisturizer was perfect to apply right before my BB Cream in my makeup routine since it was easy to apply and quick to absorb into my skin. The product noticeably moisturized my skin and added a dewy shine to my face without appearing like sweat or grease. I wish that the Body Butter absorbed a bit quicker than it did. But despite taking more time to take effect, it was worth the wait due to the quality of the product on my skin.  


Sarah: Obviously, I’ve swooned about the texture and scent of these products already. But what is also really important to me is that both of these products are free from harmful chemicals and additives like Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, and Formaldehyde. While a lotion or moisturizer may feel and smell good, what ultimately matters is if it’s actually good for you. Bliss products have natural, nourishing ingredients that take care of your skin. Plus, Bliss is cruelty-free!

Sabrina: Most high-quality products (with all of the lovely benefits that Sarah listed above) can be incompatible with folks with eczema and sensitive skin, but I really liked how Bliss products made my skin feel moisturized. The product application was seamless. The aroma lasts all day so I actually received compliments about smelling nice. Someone on the T asked me, “What perfume are you wearing?” And I was surprised that the smell was strong, noticeable, and attractive to people other than myself. If you have sensitive skin and face trial and error with various skincare products, I highly recommend you try the Bliss product line.


Sarah: Although the scent was a win for me, I can see how it could be a double-edged sword. If you have sensitive skin, scented products can often be irritating. Just keep that in mind when looking into these products! 

Sabrina: The main weakness involved the body butter, as I hoped it would absorb a bit faster into my skin. But I anticipated that the fragrance would negatively affect my skin and it surprisingly didn’t. But everyone is different, skin-wise, so definitely be sure to test a tiny dab of the lotion on your skin beforehand to see if it works or does not work for you specifically!

Final Thoughts

Sarah: I will most definitely be purchasing these products again! The scent of the body butter is honestly one of my all-time favorites, and it feels so rich and creamy but doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. The moisturizer honestly surprised me with how good it was. I don’t usually like water or gel-based moisturizer formulas because I feel like they aren’t moisturizing enough. This was light and fast absorbing, but my skin felt noticeably plump and hydrated without feeling sticky or oily. With summer coming to make me even oilier than ever, I don’t need a moisturizer that is so thick and emollient. This had the perfect texture and perfect amount of moisture to suit my skin's needs. Now that I’m officially a Bliss convert, I need to start looking into some of their other popular products!

Sabrina: I will definitely be purchasing these products within the future! This is the closest that you will get to a Sephora-quality skincare product within the price range that Bliss offers. Natural skincare and makeup products tend to be my all-time favorites, and Bliss provides quality, natural products that actually work for someone with sensitive skin, like myself. The Drench & Quench helps to keep skin moisturized under your makeup. And if you dab little bits of it onto your face periodically during a busy day, it will not smear your makeup (which is amazing). Though I would not personally use the Body Butter as my primary non-face skincare, I would definitely recommend it to friends and gift it for birthdays!

Sabrina and I were so lucky to get the opportunity to try these products out. Both the Lemon & Sage Body Butter and the Drench & Quench moisture are both great additions to your summer skincare arsenal as they’ll keep you hydrated all summer, no matter how hot it gets! Bliss makes really high-quality products that are great for all skin types. Whether you’re dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, Bliss has a product for you! A final big thank you to Bliss for putting us on to these great new products. 


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