An Open Letter to My High School Best Friend

Dear Jordan Elizabeth Canady (the Waka to my Flaka),

It’s been awhile and I’m sorry for that. We used to spend every day together, roaming the halls of Kentucky Country Day School. But things have changed, I moved far away, and you’re doing amazing things, so we’re both pretty busy, and we just don’t get to talk like we used to. But I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being the person that you were to me.

You were my best friend, my ride or die, my sometimes cuddle buddy, and the person who literally got me through those torrential high school years. I really couldn’t have done it without you. You just got me. I know you hate mushy stuff so I’ll try to keep it pretty real, but honestly, I wouldn’t have graduated without you by my side (figuratively and literally when we did the senior walk together). We’ve been through it all. You saw my good side, my bad side, my cute side, my sad side, and still you chose to spend every lunch hour with me in Senora’s room. 

Thank you for not caring about what I wore, or what color my hair was. I know it changed a lot. You didn’t ever care what phase I was in, and there were a number of them. You shared my best high school memories with me. I love looking on Facebook at pictures of us from freshman or sophomore year, even though we were regrettably awkward, because it makes me happy to see how close we were. 

I just wanted to say that I miss you, because I might meet new friends and we might not talk as much, but no one will ever understand me the way that you do because you were there for such an important time in my life. We roomed together every night when we went to Spain. You were my date to at least three homecomings. We had Jenna Marbles Wednesdays. I loved your dogs like they were my own. We took care of your horses together sometimes. I remember Fourth of July's with you and setting off fireworks in your back yard. I remember prank calling people with you. I remember breakfast for lunch days, eating a thousand cubed potatoes with you. I remember taking laps around school with you during lunch and when we were seniors and got to leave for lunch we lived for Qdoba. I remember all the time we spent in Towney-poos room and every studio class and hearing your curse the world from the pottery wheel. You were the horse girl and I was the weird one. I still thought you were the coolest person. It was the best part of being in high school. 

And I remember being so excited to leave it all behind with you. We hated that place and it was the biggest relief to walk out those doors for the last time. But it was bittersweet because it was so difficult to know that I wouldn’t be seeing you every day. 

But I am so proud of the person that you have become. You’ve already done so many amazing things, and we’re only Juniors in college. You’ve already accomplished so much and I’m so proud to have been a part of your journey. You really are an amazing person. 

I really do love the texts that you send me, updating me on things that people from our high school are doing on your campus. It’s my favorite thing to get a text from you updating me on the lives of the oh-so-interesting kids we went to high school with. 

 But mostly I just love you and I miss you all the time. I really appreciate you having been my best friend and I want you to know that I think about you all the time and am so excited for the times when we’re both home and can have a Cheesecake Factory date (And I know you’ll get a salad with a side of French fries).  So thank you so much for being there and being you, because it made my life so much better and so much more enjoyable.


Your Forever Best Friend