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An Open Letter to my Best Friends While We Are Away at College

Dear best friends,

I don’t even know where to begin honestly. With so many amazing memories and so many late night laughs, I can’t pick a starting point for this. There’s too much to cover in just one letter, but I’m going to try my best.

Now that we are all apart in college, there will always be that underlying fear that we will grow apart with different friends and different lives, but you guys always make me forget about that fear on those annoying Facetime calls that probably drive our roommates crazy. With so much chaos in college, somehow you guys manage to make me laugh till I cry. Sometimes those tears are real because I miss you so much I just want to hug you through the screen, and other times those tears are because I stop breathing from laughing so hard I think my lungs have collapsed.

Those all-nighter sleepovers, the endless movie nights and the best 2 A.M. dips in the pool mean none of my childhood memories would be as memorable without you. The fourth of July parties, the countless New Year Eve’s we spent together, and let’s not forget how we had the best Christmas parties together. I will forever be thankful for all those girls’ nights we had just endlessly laughing on couches and all the selfies that go along with every memory.

The night before we all left for college was one of the saddest nights of our friendship. It was the end of an era. There were way too many tears shed that night – we honestly didn’t think we would survive apart until Thanksgiving. It was the most overdramatic night of our lives and totally should’ve been recorded for some amazing laughs.

But here we are, months into college and our friendship is stronger than ever. Sure, we have our moments, but we always keep each other updated. We still have laughing fits, we still cry with each other, we will always gush over the new boy we met that week or what party we got into, it’s just all over Facetime now, and we are all okay with that.

Let’s not forget that feeling when we do all get together after a few weeks of school. Our reunions are LEGENDARY! There is no better feeling in the world than seeing all my favorite people all together after weeks of chaotic college life.

I can’t thank you enough for the endless support you have given me. I hope you feel the same about me. As Elizabeth Foley once said, “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow up separately without growing apart.” So, here’s to the rest of our friendship that I know will just keep on going till the end of time.

From elementary school to high school graduation, we were all just a few minutes away from each other, and now we are a few states away. But few hundred miles has nothing on our years of long-lasting friendship. To my best friends, you are my core, you make life so much more adventurous than anything else.



Your best friend


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Delanie is a senior at Boston University who loves Pavement's iced tea and the Charles River. She has a passion for writing and is on an adventure to find the best coffee shop in Boston. 
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