The Only Tip You’ll Ever Need to Become a Writer

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting at your desk, laptop propped open or notebook freshly lined, and your mind is blank. And you could’ve sworn that twenty minutes ago you had the most chilling ideas — ideas that would shock the world and cause tsunamis in your name. But now, you can’t. You can’t write. You want to, obviously, but every letter that comes out, every sound of pencil scratching on paper, sounds wrong. Why? Why is there such a gap between having ideas and being able to implement them? Maybe you overestimated yourself. Maybe you’re not good enough.

You are… or you will be. You will be good enough as soon as you start writing and refuse to stop. You have to refuse to stop, even when every word seems like the wrong choice or every sentence seems amateur. Because, somewhere in that jumbled mess, you will find your muse. That is the one-stop step to successful writing. Many of us have experienced the dark, deep abyss of constantly editing after every second sentence. It feels alright at the time, but it’s extremely damaging to anyone who wants to actually do some damage with their writing. It’s important to write through the bad feelings and the negativity. You can’t do anything well unless you have done it poorly first.  

Soon enough, you’ll realize you aren’t a bad writer at all, or even a good one; but the one who’s confident, trained, and ready to write the next great American novel.


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