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Now that Greyhound Racing is Illegal… Go Adopt One

I know you all have read the multiple articles about the election, how we have a lovely female Congress, a Democratic House and that is exciting and fun!

But, you know what else is really exciting?


So now you’re probably wondering… what is greyhound racing?

First of all, you don’t have to feel bad about not knowing. It is a very low-key sport that was done predominantly in Florida and it was legal. This sport is pretty self-explanatory: greyhounds… were… raced… and it was legal.

These little puppers were abused, profited off of, forced into a life of racing, and pushed until they weren’t winning anymore. Then their little lives came to an end, just because they weren’t “good” anymore in the eyes of the owners.

Photo Credit: Vet Street

I know, how could you do that to this little puppy right here?

Photo Credit: Canna Pet

Or, to these little crazy puppies up here?

Some of these puppies were lucky because they were rescued before any of their lives came to an end. Greyhound rescue associations exist all around the world and they are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating greyhounds to perfect health.

So why do you care?

Glad you asked!

One of those amazing associations is the Golden Gate Greyhound Association, which is where I got my little pupper.

Meet Sage, the love of my family’s life.

Photo Credit: Golden Gate Greyhound Association

She is turning 12 years old this year and she is the apple of my family’s eye. We rescued her when she was six years old and had just finished her outstanding racing career. I remember when we got her, we got a bunch of documents as well.

They had her racing records, her travel documents (from when she was younger), and her medical records. There wasn’t a lot of information because, during the rescue process, they can only find out so much about these dogs.

But from them, we found out that Sage use to be a racer in Florida, a pretty good one I might add. She had been racing since she was just two years old and had a great record.

Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer

However, even the best athletes have their off days. For Sage, her first one when she was five years old and she almost lost her life because of it. 

Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer

Like I said, if you weren’t an asset, you were a burden. And to Sage’s owners, that is what she was. If it wasn’t for Golden Gate Greyhound Association, Sage probably wouldn’t have lived another day.

But she did! She was rescued, rehabilitated, and a couple months later, found her way home to us.

Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer

We love her with all our hearts and that’s why I’m writing this article because with Greyhound Racing becoming illegal, a lot of little Sages are waiting for new homes!

Photo Credit: Google

So many websites are now surfacing looking for homes for greyhounds as young as two years old to greyhounds as old as Sage… there’s definitely a greyhound that is right for you. Take it from someone who didn’t know anything about this breed before she got one: you’ll love them.

Coming home to a rescued greyhound who didn’t have any love before they met you and seeing their face light up is the best feeling in the world. So, start searching! Go rescue one because no one can call them a burden anymore – they are a gift that should be loved. Get yourself a Sage!!


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