New Year’s Decluttering: Dorm Room Edition

We all suffer from the same thing once spring semester rolls around: too much stuff. Somehow over the few months we’ve been here we accumulate way more things than we brought to school with us. Our dorm rooms are cramped to begin with, so this clutter can often stress us out and create a pretty uninviting space.

Here is a list of things to get rid of this semester to begin your decluttering journey:

1. Barely worn clothing.

I know, I know. That one shirt you bought two years ago and have never worn is really cute. But, if you didn't touch it during your entire fall semester and you could have, it probably means that you’ll never actually wear it. If your drawers and closet are both overflowing, it may be time to think about donating some of your old and unloved clothes to Goodwill. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later when you have space for cute new clothes you will actually wear.

2. Old makeup.

Most of us know that makeup expires, but some of us probably don’t realize how often we should be cleaning out our makeup drawers. Go through your makeup and set aside the things you’ve had for a long time and barely use, or things you do use but have expired. Using that old mascara wand may seem fine in the moment, but it can actually be pretty dirty and unsanitary from months of use.

3. Old papers and notebooks.

Yes, I’m sure what you learned in your freshman year Chemistry class really was very important and challenging but let’s be honest…you’ll probably never look at that notebook again. Save important things like final exams or thesis papers, but let go of most of your old schoolwork that will only fill up your school drawer. Trust me, it will feel liberating.

4. The junk drawer.

We all have one, and we all probably wish we didn’t. New Year’s is the perfect opportunity to finally dive into that junk drawer and throw away the things you never use or aren’t quite sure why you have. Those cheap, bright red #BUStudentActivities sunglasses were free, yes, but you don’t need them and will never wear them. It’s time to finally organize and condense the junk drawer once and for all.

5. Seasonal clothes.

This one can be challenging if you live far from school, but a great way to save space in college is to simply move all of the things you know you won’t be needing that semester, out of your room. Nobody needs ten pairs of cute shorts and skirts in their drawer during the dead of winter, and nobody needs a winter coat when the weather brightens up. Rotating your wardrobe can be an effective way to make your room feel less like it’s overflowing with stuff.

We’ve all heard the sayings, and they’re true. If your space is organized, your mind will be more organized too. With the start of a brand new semester, take this opportunity to reflect on your space and the things you simply don’t use and don’t need. I guarantee that you will feel better after decluttering your dorm room this spring semester.


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