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Worried about missing out on hearing the newest hit music? Not to worry! There are a ton of new songs being released every day that will add a unique flare to your playlists. Here is a list of new music to listen to right now!

Espresso – Sabrina Carpenter

Carpenter released her surprise single “Espresso” on April 12th. Her new song is perfect for the summer with an upbeat track and lyrics that promote self-confidence. The song pushes listeners to embrace being “that girl.” With summer approaching, girl power and self-love are important vibes to catch!

Imported Couches – Larry June

On April 10th, June released his single “Imported Couches,” giving listeners a smooth rap song to vibe out to. Larry June raps over a relaxed funky guitar beat about his luxurious lifestyle where he gets to lay on imported couches.

Charged Up – Tink

Tink released the single “Charged Up” on April 9th. The song talks about Tink cutting off her partner who is draining her energy. With a slow yet catchy beat, Tink raps about getting her power back after leaving a relationship full of lies.

DBZ – Your Old Droog, Method Man, and Denzel Curry

Your Old Droog, Method Man, and Denzel Curry released a funky rap single on April 12th. The song has several unique features in the backtrack of the song, including a phone ringing, recorded phone conversations, and periods where the track cuts out entirely. The rappers each deliver wordplay-heavy verses with powerful punchlines that flow seamlessly together, leading to the creation of an incredible R&B song.

Magic – Strongboi

“Magic” by Strongboi was released on April 12th. It is the perfect song for those who like eccentric and upbeat indie music. With a relatively small fan base, this song is not getting as much attention as it deserves for its melodic beat and positive lyricism.

hopefully you found some recommendations worth adding to your playlist!

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Abby is a member of HCBU's media team and loves to be in touch with everything pop culture and music related. She is originally from Red Bank, New Jersey; however, she moved to Boston to attend school. Abby is a current freshman at Boston University studying journalism with an intended minor in business administration & management. She is planning on accelerating her schooling, allowing her to graduate a year early (2026). In her free time, Abby enjoys going to the gym, visiting new coffee places, and listening to music. When Abby is not catching up on homework, you can find her blasting an assortment of Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, Boygenius, Drake, and Frank Ocean in her room.