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New England Women’s Center Conference

On Saturday, November 16th, Boston University’s Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism (CGSA) will be hosting the New England Women’s Center Conference (NEWCC). This event will consist of three workshop sessions throughout the day, facilitated by individuals from the BU community as well as organizations in the Boston area. The event aims to “deconstruct the intersections of oppression and privilege in our communities and cultures”.

In order to meet NEWCC’s goal, the conference will offer a variety of workshops during each workshop session. Below is a list of the organizations and their respective social issues that will be discussed:

Session 1

Hollaback! Boston: street harassment, personal narratives, and activism

Saheli Boston: healthy relationships, communities of color, and mental health

Marsh Chapel: religion, gender, and sexuality

Department of Sociology: theory, practice, and social justice

Session 2

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Center: interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and activism

MassEquality: gender, sexuality, and political action

Autostraddle/Racialicious/Crunk Feminist Collective: online communities, inclusive spaces, and feminism

The Women’s Center in Cambridge: women’s rights, accessibility, and community    resources

Makeshift Boston: consensus, collective spaces, and core values

Session 3

Boston Doula Project: reproductive empowerment, self-care, and support systems

YWCA Boston/NARAL Boston: fundraising, networking, and social change

Left on Pearl: history, film-making, and women’s liberation

Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators: women, politics, and legislation


As you can see, there will be a lot going on at NEWCC! Reserve your spot at the conference here and tell your friends at BU and other schools to attend. See you there! 

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