New Age Caroling: The Best (Recent) Christmas Tunes

Sitting on the brink of the holiday season can be a bit of sensory overload — there’s so much to do, like shopping for family and friends and all sorts of decorating… hanging lights, trimming the tree, and playing music!

There’s so much music to sift through — finding the perfect holiday playlist can seem impossible. I’ve taken the liberty to go through the records and find some of the best recent holiday tunes that you may have missed if you’ve loyally stuck to our bud Burl Ives.

  1. The newest one on here! When does Taylor not pull through? “Christmas Tree Farm” is an adorable new song, reminiscing about Taylor’s joy for the holiday season and her memories growing up on an actual Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Plus… who doesn’t love an adorable home video montage?

  2. Jack Johnson released another beautiful Christmas tune this year, living up to his FLAWLESS rendition of “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer” (the best Christmas song — don’t fight me.) If you’re into it, Johnson’s Bushire Records does a yearly collaboration album called This Warm December, and it's always incredible. As of this season, there are three volumes — you're welcome.

  3. I wasn't lying when I said This Warm December is where it's at. This song is my family's favorite — an absolute masterpiece. They’re all incredible, but here’s the first volume to get you started.

  4. My heart didn’t allow me to not include another version of this beauty. It’s not exactly “new,” but if you haven’t heard this song for some reason, this is my gift to you.

  5. Maybe you heard it in A Bad Moms Christmas, but this song is not one to be slept on. The Lumineers never fail to release soft, heart-touching covers during the season.

  6. I couldn't not mention this year's glorious edition to The Lumineers’ holiday lineup. It has a different feel from their other releases, and I love listening to them try new things.

  7. I’m so totally biased towards them, but The Lumineers are just so good at Christmas. Give them a shot, you won’t regret it.

  8. A Spotify Christmas single — it's as if Miley Cyrus was born to sing this song (just kidding — all of her music is incredible.) I've been known to be a bit of a traditionalist with certain songs, this song being one of them, but Cyrus’ cover isn't one to be looked over.

  9. Surprise surprise: another Spotify single! First Aid Kit is one of my favorite bands, and the fact that the world seems to not have discovered this Swedish sister duo yet is astounding. While it's incredibly soft and definitely not of “bop status,” they harmonize like no one else in this enchanting cover.

  10. Is it technically a Christmas song? No. It's from Rent. But also… it so totally is. Idina Menzel absolutely nails it (like she always does) on her Christmas album — you'll listen to it 525,600 times.

  11. She is beauty, she is grace… she is Kacey Musgraves. Her Christmas special is on Amazon Prime, go check it out! She has a version of this song on her own as well, but I love Leon Bridges too much to not include the version graced by his vocals.

  12. They don’t have a way to listen to this song that’s not on YouTube, so I didn’t feel I could put it on the list. This song is so fun, plus Ed and Anne-Marie have the perfect voices for it!

I hope these songs add a little new-found joy to your holiday season — I know they always make mine so much better! Whether you celebrate Christmas or spend winter break doing something else, have a fantastic (and safe) time! 


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