Names Pinterest Moms Give to Their Kids

In this day and age, it can be hard to be original, especially when it comes to baby names. While some parents would opt to just embrace the norm and name their child something common, other parents want to stand out from the rest by giving their child a common enough name, and then adding a series of unnecessary letters to it. Before I even launch into this list I want to write a disclaimer for anyone who may be offended by this article; I too love Pinterest and will probably grow up to be a Pinterest mom. Let’s all have a sense of humor, shall we?

Ok, here we go:



(Pronounced like Michaela)



(Pronounced like Amelia)



(Pronounced like Anna-Leah)



(Pronounced like Amber-Leah)


(Pronounced like Hailey)



(Pronounced like Paisley, like the pattern, but for your child)



(Pronounced like Hayden)



(Pronounced like Brooklyn)


If you have heard of any more “creative” (read unnecessarily complicated) spellings of common names, comment below!