My Visit To The Boston Bliss Spa

Bliss was started in New York City in 1996, and they now have a ton of different spa locations all over the US and London and have products sold all over the world. They just rebranded their products, which are paraben free, cruelty-free, and SUPER trendy. I recently visited the Bliss Spa in Boston, located in the W Hotel at 100 Stuart St. and here's what happened.

Once I got to the spa, I immediately felt calm. The spa is colored with blue and green hues, and there was jazz music playing quietly throughout the space. As soon as you walk in, you are met by the smiling faces of the people at the front desk. I talked to Rebecca, who I had contacted earlier in the week, and she showed me around the part of the spa where Bliss products are sold.

After about 10 minutes, Lexa, an esthetician at Bliss, came out to talk to me about the treatments and products that they offer. I asked her some questions about the brand and her experience working at Bliss.

How would you describe Bliss Spa?

“Bliss within itself, which I feel all spas should be. When you come in its just serene, it's hip, it's's an escape from the day to day and the city life.”  

How are the Bliss spa and products different/ unique from other companies?

“Just within the colors of the spa itself, it's blue, where you usually find more earthy tones in other spas. Also, I think we’re a little bit more hip in the catchphrases and things. It’s very colorful and uses different elements, especially in the new Bliss line where they’re rebranding, it's very eye-catching and colorful. But also, we’re earth-conscious, we're free of parabens, and cruelty-free.”

What are some of your favorite Bliss treatments and products that you offer?

“Oh, girl do we have the time!? I always try to customize it to whatever that person needs that day, but one of my favorite facials is the Fully Loaded Facial because it gives you a little bit of the best of all of our add-ons all packaged together in one treatment which is really great.”

“One of my favorite Bliss products right now is the Drench And Quench, because it’s perfect now that we’re going into warmer weather, spring and summer, as it gives you the hydration that you need but it's not heavy on the skin so almost anybody and everybody can use it.”

Do you have a lot of regulars, or do you mainly get people who are traveling through Boston?

“It’s half and half. Mostly during the week, I see my regulars who work in the city or live in the city, and then during the weekends is when we get the flow of traffic from either people who are here for business, visiting, or who are staying in the hotel. So, because of our location, we get a little bit of everything.”

What are the top 3 products you recommend for college students who are busy but still want to take care of their skin?

“I always think you should cleanse, tone, and moisturize MINIMUM, regardless of your skin type. So, anything from like gentle foam and wash or a cream cleaner like the Fab Foaming wash and the Drench And Quench moisturizer. The new eye cream is also really nice because of the roller ball, it just sinks right into the skin.”

Lexa has an Instagram account, @skinbylexa, where she posts her own personal skincare tips and tricks.

After talking to Lexa, she took me on a tour of the spa. There is a space for the nail services, and then individual rooms for massages, facials, and other services. The locker room is complete with a complimentary sauna and steam room, and one of the most comfortable couches I’ve ever sat on. The color scheme is the same throughout the whole spa, and you feel an immense sense of bliss (get it) while you are there.

The Bliss Spa was an amazing experience, and even though I didn’t get any treatments done, I highly recommend their products. Some of my favorites are the Lemon Sage hand cream, and the Makeup Melt makeup remover.

All photos are by Sophie Singer-Santoro


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