My Travel Bucket List: London Edition

For those of you who don’t know, I will be leaving the comfort of BU and my home state of Massachusetts for the fall semester and will be attending school in London under BU’s London Internship Program for journalism. Now, having only been out of the country once (8th grade trip to Israel was a WILD time), and having virtually no idea what there is to do in London, I did some research to come up with a list of things I want to get done while I’m there. I will be in Europe for exactly 104 days and I plan on making the most of it. So, here is my travel bucket list for London (so far… I got in two weeks ago, so):

1. Sketch London

Photo via Time Out

According to its website, Sketch is a “gastro-brasserie restaurant combined with David Shrigley’s Gallery” in order to provide a food experience that includes art and music. I’m personally planning on going here for some extra af afternoon tea and for the parmesan risotto that they serve at brunch and for the tequila party dessert (I’m legal over there, so it’s fine).

2. Little Venice

Photo via Wikipedia

Little Venice in London’s Paddington neighborhood is characterized by the long canal, narrowboats, and beautiful architecture. I’ll be there in the fall so I’m hoping to get on a boat out on the canal before the snow, but if not, it’ll make for a great backdrop for some photos. The area also houses some very good restaurants and theaters so it’s good for an afternoon of exploring capped off with dinner and a show.

3. Primrose Hill Rainbow Houses

Photo via This City Life London

For those of you who have seen “Windsor Gardens,” these were the houses where the family lived. This area of London features sooo many colorful houses and I can’t wait to go and see the rainbow (although I won’t be tasting it). It makes for beautiful photos and the setup of all the colors connected is so different from the kind of houses we often see here in the States so I cannot wait to go run around.

4. Elan Café

Photo via Secret London

I’m sure you’ve all seen this place blowing up on social media because it is considered one of the most Instagramable places in London. The flowers and pink and fancy setup just make me feel like I’m royalty when I picture myself there. My inner 8-year-old wanting to be a princess will be in her glory while I’m here I can assure you of that. They also claim to have amazing coffee and I happen to be a coffee addict, so we’ll see how they measure up to my Boston favorites.

5. Biscuteers Baking Company

Photo via Biscuteers

I love sweets. I love cookies, cakes, pastries… literally, if it’s a dessert I will most likely eat it as long as there’s no peanut butter or pistachio. On their website, the list of biscuits they offer is never ending, including gluten-free options and dog biscuits, so I will be on the lookout for cute puppies. They also offer assorted chocolate for all occasions including birthdays and for thank yous so I will be finding some excuse to send them to my roommate.

Not only do they offer what looks to be amazing food, the front of the store is super cute and makes for a good backdrop for photos.

6. Warner Brothers Studio Tour London- The Making of Harry Potter

Photo via Visit London

I love Harry Potter and my roommate is obsessed with Harry Potter so naturally, we’re going to go tour the studio where it all began and see how they brought those Deatheaters to life. After going to Harry Potter World last year over my winter break, I’ve been curious to see how they did all the work on it, especially as technology changed so much throughout the years they were filming the movies. And, while it’s unlikely, I’m hoping my mans Tom Felton will be around so I can fangirl.

7. SEA LIFE London

Photo via Days Out Guide

Now, I’m sure a lot of us have been to the Boston Aquarium. In fact, my sorority retreat is at the aquarium next week and I can’t wait to see the seals and the turtles and all of the beautiful aquatic life they have. They also have this thing called the “Shark Walk” where you walk over a glass window that is over the shark area. That’s correct, there will only be a piece of glass separating me from one of my biggest fears so this is going to be terrifying and exhilarating and I can see the aquatic life from across the pond.  

That’s it for now! Obviously, I’m going to see the London Eye, London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace; it’s not really a trip to London if you don’t do the extremely touristy things, but I also want to explore as much as I can while I’m there. Whether it’s shopping, eating, traveling, or just taking a walk and seeing where I end up I want to experience London and Europe to the fullest because who knows if and when I’ll ever be back. I’m hoping my 104 days will be full of a lifetime of memories and unforgettable adventures.


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