My Top Five Comfort Movies of All Time

I used to love movies as a kid; my whole family enjoyed going to the theatre and watching a movie together as a family, splitting two medium bags of popcorn and candy. But, in the past year or two, I’ve become less interested in watching newer movies, or at least ones that I’ve never seen before. Over quarantine especially I have favored rewatching my favorite comfort movies, ones that I’ve seen thousands of times but never tire of. So, in case you’re looking for some good movie recommendations or want to compare our comfort movies, here are my top five favorite comfort movies!

  1. 1. The "Twilight" Saga

    While also being one of my favorite movie series of all time, the Twilight Saga just reminds me of my childhood and my crush on Robert Pattinson. It’s gotten to the point that I can recite the script to every movie almost perfectly. In college, I’ve met people who still haven’t seen it (like my own roommate) and I think my favorite part of rewatching it with those who haven’t seen it is watching their reaction to the fight scene in Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.

  2. 2. "Crazy Rich Asians"

    Crazy Rich Asians

    While the movie can’t quite compare to the book series, this is definitely not just a comfort movie, but one of my favorite movies of all time as well. The cast is phenomenal. The movie isn’t just funny — the ending mahjong scene continues to empower me to this day. Plus, I know if I am ever in the mood to cry, I can just skip to the wedding scene.

  3. 3. "How To Be Single"

    valentine heart candies

    Whoever decided to put Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson in the same movie deserves a pay raise. This is such a lighthearted, romantic comedy, but I rewatch it all the time. I love movies that take place in New York because I used to want to live there (kind of still do), so that plays a big part in why I love it so much too. Plus, it has a good message amidst all of the comedy.

  4. 4. "Vacation" (2015)

    roadtrip map

    This is one of my family’s favorite movies, mainly because it is a modern remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), which came out during their childhood. The movie uses many of the same actors, specifically Ed Helms, who was a child in the original and now takes over his father’s role in the remake. It is absolutely hilarious and the sibling relationship shown is so much more authentic, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a fun comedy, I definitely recommend either the original or the remake (but the remake is my favorite).

  5. 5. "One Direction: This is Us"

    What directioner doesn’t rewatch this movie over and over again in order to feel something? Other than singing along to every song shown, One Direction comforts me in a way most other boy groups don’t, excluding BTS. I never get bored watching the boys mess around, and while I know they’re all so much happier now doing their solo work, I like going back and pretending like they’re still together sometimes.

In case you’re ever straying away from your own comfort movies, try checking out some of mine!

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