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My Top 5 Favorite DCOMs That Bring On All the Nostalgia

Picture this: it’s 2008, you have the day off from school so you turn on the television to find that your favorite Disney Channel original movie (aka DCOM) is on– life is much simpler. While that’s my idea of a perfect day, I only recently rediscovered my love for DCOMs when a little girl I babysit for asked me if I had ever seen High School Musical. My answer was an enthusiastic yes and I was reminded of all of my favorite childhood movies, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

Stuck in the Suburbs

This is an underrated favorite of mine and honestly deserves way more hype. Brenda Song and Danielle Panabaker team up to make this iconic movie that is basically every fangirl’s dream. Having my favorite pop star come to my hometown to give a concert was in every single one of my dreams growing up, so being able to live vicariously through this duo made this movie one of my favorites.

Read It and Weep

Danielle Panabaker does it again with this classic. I used to watch this movie all the time and then think I could write a book all about the people at my school just like the main character, Jamie. This movie is quirky, relatable, and another underrated favorite.

Return to Halloweentown

Since spooky season is upon us, I knew I needed to include this favorite. While I love every single movie in this franchise, Return to Halloweentown will always be my favorite. Between pretending I had magic and wanting to be Marnie, this franchise always made me so excited for Halloween.


This is potentially a controversial pick, however, if you weren’t in love with Sterling Knight before this movie, you will be after you watch it. Everyone always talks about Camp Rock and Lemonade Mouth, yet they fail to mention this musical gem. Any girl with an individuality complex adored this movie and was dying to be Jessica.

High School Musical

I saved the best for last. Now, I know this is a basic pick, however, it’s a classic for a reason and will always remind me of my love for the Disney Channel movies and TV shows that I watched growing up.

BRB gotta go binge all of these, and you should too. 

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