My Thoughts on the Third Season of Queer Eye

Netflix debuted Queer Eye season 3 this month and fans — including myself — were not disappointed. Filled with wonderful people, heartwarming makeovers, and lots of fun from the Fab Five, this season is the pick-me-up you need to make it to summer. Here are five thoughts that will go through your head when binge-watching Queer Eye this week.


1. Jess Is the Best Friend You Need

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As a teenager, Jess’s adoptive parents found out that she was gay, so she had to leave home. If this sounds familiar to you, it's probably because the exact same thing happened to Bobby. Bobby and Jess bonded over their similar pasts, and he reunited her with her biological sister; cue the tears. Jess seems like the strongest and sweetest person. We should all strive for a friend like her.


2. JVN Cutting Hair in Heels Is Iconic

Season 3 is filled with scenes of Jonathan slaying in the shoes I wish I had. Time and time again, he talks about how powerful he feels cutting hair in high heels. Let’s applaud him for challenging gender norms and let's take this as inspiration to go buy ourselves some powerful heels.


3. Women Need the Fab Five Too

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While Queer Eye started off mainly helping men, the show is now branching out and helping women as well. Let’s face it: women can be a mess, too. So, thank you for bringing us the Fab Five.


4. I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying over Bobby’s Engraved Toy Chest

Bobby Berk, you did it again. Your work is all behind-the-scenes, and every time, the home makeover is nothing short of amazing. This time though, you’ve outdone yourself. Engraving the children’s toy chest with the handwriting of their late mother is exactly what this family needed to honor her memory.


5. The Jones Sisters Deserve It All

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Deborah “Little” Jones and Mary “Shorty” Jones run a tiny BBQ restaurant that people come to from far and wide. The two sisters work tirelessly to put Little’s daughter through college. The Fab Five revamped the restaurant, helped them sell their special sauce, and led Shorty to discover her smile. No one deserves it more than these two powerful, entrepreneurial women.  


What are your thoughts on season 3 of Queer Eye? Take the time to treat yourself this week and binge-watch some inspiring makeovers too!


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