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Anyone familiar with TikTok has, without a doubt, come into contact with Trisha Paytas. Trisha is a YouTuber who has been on the platform since the mid-to-late 2000s. She is known for her involvement in a variety of internet dramas. Most recently, the drama she has become involved with is regarding the “Vlog Squad” and David Dobrik. 

This all to say, TikTok has given Trisha a brand new platform on which to thrive––and thrive she has. Trisha quickly gained immense popularity on the platform, despite many people being unwilling to express support of her, due to her problematic history. 

A lot of her new popularity on TikTok is due to her new podcast with Ethan Klein: Frenemies. Ethan Klein is known for his popular podcast, H3, and pairing him with Trisha Paytas has led to a wildly entertaining podcast. 

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This week, I decided to watch an episode of Frenemies for the first time to see what all of the hype was about. The episode I decided to watch was “Is Trisha Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” 

I have to admit, I was thoroughly entertained. The entire podcast was around two hours long, which I have to admit was a little lengthy. However, I give them credit, because I found it entirely engaging. 

Photo by C D-X from Unsplash

The episode consisted of Ethan and Trisha playing four rounds of an “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” type game. The rounds of questions were interspersed with Trisha and Ethan sharing fun stories. I will say, the most entertaining part of the podcast was Trisha’s wildly incorrect answers, which I can’t help but imagine were staged to a certain extent. They definitely play up Trisha’s answers for a laugh, but it worked for me. 

Overall, the podcast was incredibly entertaining, and I would definitely recommend a watch. I would caution viewers, however, that the podcast is not good for the likeability of the hosts, but rather for the shock factor. That being said, if you want a good laugh, I highly recommend Frenemies.

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Monica is a Junior at Boston University studying English Education.
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