My Senior Year of College Bag Essentials

First, let’s break the myth of you strolling around campus with a cute backpack or a shoulder bag. Never going to happen. I personally, most of the days, carry two bags. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while getting your work done.


Here’s what I always have in my bag:

  • Laptop with all my chargers and headphones in a small tech bag- I got mine at Apple 2 years ago, so they don’t carry it anymore, but it was similar to this.
  • Books for the day - Unfortunately, most of my professors require physical copies of textbooks in class. Try to only bring the required text and notebooks, not your entire syllabus.


  • Pencil pouch for all of your writing utensils - I love my Muji one. It’s so simplistic and a lot of devices fit in there.

Other must-haves:


  • Water bottle - I’m usually on my second or third cup of coffee by the time noon rolls around. You have to stay hydrated!
  • Wallet (student ID, a little cash).
  • A small makeup/skincare pouch - I don’t wear makeup daily, primarily because I don’t have time. To be honest, my free time goes to working out and finishing homework. But if after class I’m seeing someone and I don’t want to scare them (as my mom would say, gotta love her humor), I will quickly freshen up. My mini pouch is from the Buckingham Palace museum shop which I got three or four years ago. They probably don’t have it anymore but it looks something similar to this.

In my mini beauty pouch, I have some Chanel sunscreen, a Travel size NARS concealer, my Benefit brow wand, a La Mer lip balm, my lipstick of the day, my Chanel hand cream, some facial mist, my Bydero travel perfume, some Tylenol, and tiny hairbrush.


That’s it! Now go pack that bag to prepare for tomorrow. Happy studying! XOXO, Masha.

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