My Goals for Sophomore Year as Told by Songs

When I think of my sophomore year of college versus my freshman year, the changes I’ve experienced come to mind. I’m brought back to a time when I had no idea what I wanted my major to be and the idea of a passion seemed daunting and unobtainable. As of now, I think I’ve got some things figured out and my overall hope for this year is to ride that out. I want to focus my ideas for the future and discover how to make the things I enjoy impactful to others around me.

1. “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)” –Leon Bridges

I’m adopting the lifestyle of doing what feels right and listening to my gut. I’m trusting myself because I’ve gotten this far by following my instincts. I tend to find that things work out in the end so there’s no use worrying if something feels right.

2. “Coloring Outside the Lines” - MisterWives

I want to try new things. I want to go to new places. I’m done staying with what’s comfortable and easy. This year is all about saying yes to things that might scare me. I’m hopeful for new opportunities I may encounter as a result of coloring outside the lines.

3. “Nonstop” –Drake

I’m taking on new things, but I’m also not stopping with others that I loved. I’m going full force into my passions and creating them into an even stronger, unstoppable force. Like Drake says, “they wanna know me since I hit the top”, so I’m going to be the one to reach for those seemingly unobtainable goals.

4. “Ways to Go”  -Grouplove

I’ve recognized is there isn’t just one way to do things. I’m understanding how there are many approaches to different situations, many “ways to go” about something. When I switched my major to Journalism, I was glad to have found a passion, but I didn’t know how to fully approach this career path. This year, I want to uncover all the possibilities of journalism and find out how I can use this to help people around me and create change in the world.

5. “Money, Money, Money” –Mamma Mia

This makes me sound greedy, but I promise I’m aiming high and staying humble. After all, I haven’t secured a job for the school year yet (yikes), which is something I’m aggressively working towards at the moment. Furthermore, I would love to secure an internship in the near future. If it just so happened to be a paid one, that’d be an added bonus.  

6. “Welcome to New York” –Taylor Swift

Going to school in Boston has made me realize my love for the city. My rural, small-town roots fostered a craving for concrete jungles that I didn’t even know existed until I explored it. That being said, my city experience is limited to Boston, so a goal of mine is to go to New York. From there I want to keep expanding and find out which city fits me best.

I can’t wait to see what my sophomore year at Boston University brings. I’ve created the best relationships in the past year I’ve been at BU, and I’m excited to continue making connections in an environment that makes this so easy. This is the year to be my best self, but also be vulnerable to the fact that change is inevitable and embracing it is what helps one to succeed further.


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