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My First Time Shopping at Muji

By Masha Komissarova

How you ever heard of Muji? Until very recently, I hadn’t heard of the store. I first saw Muji when I was walking on Newbury Street. I walked into the store and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service was great. It is definitely one of the best stores but is highly unrecognized. I’ll tell you why it’s one of my favorite stores. Muji in Japanese means “no-brand quality goods”. It’s a Japanese store that offers absolutely everything like house accessories, snacks (perfect for college students) and clothes. I absolutely love Muji’s clothing because I personally like to accessorize my outfits with my makeup, jewelry, bright socks and others but I like my main outfit clothes to be dark. Muji’s clothing is warm, comfortable and simplistic which allows you to accessorize in other areas. 

Some of my favorite products are their wide range of school supplies, their clothes, their skin and body products, and their food. If you are a neat freak this place is for you. Everything from color-coordinated pens and pencils to notebooks and backpacks. It’s the perfect place to shop right before going back school or if you just want to get organized. I’m a big believer in hoodies and sweaters. (I’m from Russia but I’m always cold) I have this really weird body in which my legs almost never get cold but my body freezes extraordinary fast. So…I love oversized sweaters, big scarfs, and hoodies. Muji has great quality clothes and compared to other stores their price fits their quality.

They have everything; hair ties (which don’t break if you stretch them), brushes for brushing and trimming hair, body lotions, creams and face washers. What I love about them is that most of their products are natural. I’m that kind of person that if I put something on my face I want it to be light because I can literally feel if something is on my face. I love some natural light products and Muji has a wide variety of those kinds of products. They have great Japanese snacks! As a college student, I don’t like spending too much time eating but I get hungry a lot. I love to drink tea and with tea, I want something sweet. Muji has great snacks if you want a little sugar kick or if it’s one of those days where you’re feeling down and need a treat. 

The Muji that I went to is located at 359 Newbury St. I highly recommend you to visit and walk around the entire store. I guarantee you’ll find something that you like or haven’t seen before. It’s a nice break from all other stores like Forever 21 or H&M. It’s much more natural and basic.

Why not de-clutter and try something new? If you don’t find anything you like clothing wise you then absolutely must try one of their desserts. Happy shopping! 


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