My First Time EVER at Taco Bell

Up until today, I had not done a lot of things: never been skydiving, never gone to Australia, and also never gone to Taco Bell. I know, crazy, right?! And it’s not because I lived in the middle of nowhere with no fast food restaurants around—there were plenty of Taco Bell’s where I lived. I just never went, and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because getting burritos and tacos from a drive-thru kind of scared me, or maybe it’s because I’m a McDonald’s girl. Whatever the reason may be, I decided that having lived in America my whole life and having not gone to Taco Bell seemed completely blasphemous and I had to resolve it. 

The first thing I noticed when walking into Taco Bell was that it was crazy busy. This was probably due to the fact it was 12:30 and everyone was on their lunch break but it also was a good sign that people enjoyed their food and I would too! 

What I also noticed at Taco Bell was that a lot of their menu items are made with beef (which I don’t eat), so my choices were limited—which was okay and good for my wallet! I decided on trying the chicken quesadilla and the black bean Crunchwrap Supreme. I was a little disappointed that they weren’t offering the cinnamon twists, which I saw online and was super excited about trying, but I was eager to try what I had ordered.

Before trying Taco Bell, I had no idea what to expect. Most people I know like Taco Bell, but it is a fast food chain so you never know what you’re going to get. I’m also a pretty picky eater.

First things first, the chicken quesadilla! I enjoyed the quesadilla a lot. The tortilla was really good and not chewy at all. There was quite a bit of chicken in the quesadilla, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I do wish that I could have had sour cream on the side, instead of inside it, because sometimes my bites would only consist of the sour cream. 

Source: The Impulsive Buy

Next up, the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme. I didn’t really know what this was, except that it was a tortilla shaped almost like a pentagon. Even so, I really liked this! The tostada shell was a nice touch because it gave it a good texture and extra flavor. I also thoroughly appreciated that the tortilla never fell apart, even when I got down to the last few bites. I definitely would get this again! 

Source: The Insider 

Honestly, I can’t believe that I hadn’t had Taco Bell before because there is so much to choose from on the menu (even if I can’t eat beef). I think I assumed I wouldn’t like it because I can be picky, but I was completely off! I can’t wait to go back and try the quesarito or the soft taco—and the cinnamon twists!

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