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My First Half-Marathon

Participating in my first half-marathon was exhilarating. Running my first half-marathon with my sisters was amazing. Finishing my first half-marathon in under three hours was unbelievable.  

Me and two of my four sisters.  
When my sisters first signed me up for the 2015 Newport Half-Marathon, I was confused. My endurance level was no more than three miles. But, my family believed in me and I soon believed in myself. I wanted to run my first half-marathon strong, so I worshipped a training schedule for a month and a half. By mid-September, I worked my way up to seven miles. Whoa, I know. 

Snapchat screenshot of  one of our group running sessions

The Race was scheduled for Sunday, October 11. On Saturday morning, I trained down to Providence with my friend and No. 1 fan Melissa and we met up with my two sisters and my older sister’s friend in the city. We had to make a quick turnaround and drive to Newport to pick up our race bibs and the cool swag, which is the most important thing. To end Race Day Eve, we had a carbo-loading ceremony and raised our cups of water to a great race for all. Truthfully, we were looking forward to a 5:45 AM wake-up call. 

As we set off for Newport at 6 A.M., I was feeling the jitters. But, I was pumped at 7 A.M. and ready to make history for myself. My race plan was to run the entire course with all my heart, literally. As my sisters and I made our way to the start line, the adrenaline rush electrified me and my heart was racing already. Before I could even whip out Snapchat, the announcer counted down from five and then an idea become a reality. There was no turning back.  

 The race pack at Mile 2. 

Running the first three miles along side a pack of runners felt good, the climb to the five-mile mark was not as painful as the following three-mile stretch from the six to nine-mile mark. I could feel the unfamiliar pain begin to take over my thighs and the soles of my feet, but I kept telling myself, “Mind over body, mind over body.”  

The breathtaking views were great distractions. 

 Mile 5 

Easton Beach 

 Mile 6 

I knew deep down that I had the strength to run the whole course. Even when front runners would stop to walk, I kept my focus. I would only allow myself to slow jog because I knew stopping would drain the momentum. Once I passed 10 miles, I attacked the last three miles with passion.  

And the last mile was definitely the best mile. Seeing my sisters and friends cheering my name as I crossed the finish line was too real that I cried tears of joy.  

I never thought I would complete a half-marathon in my early 20’s, but one of my good friends and my No.1 fan at the race reminded me, “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”  

 ​Me and my No. 1 fan, Melissa 

I am proud to say that the deed is done. I have a super, multi-colored, and weighty medal hanging on the wall opposite of my bed and it will continue to have a place on many more walls. The award symbolizes the completion of the race, but, for me, the medal hangs as a reminder of the impossibility of accomplishing goals.  

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”  


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