My Finals Week Grocery List

As finals week creeps up on us, it’s smart to stock up your cabinet and fridge with all of the necessary study essentials. I am a firm believer that calories consumed when studying don’t count, so don't spend your time stressing about if it's good for you or not. This week should be all about making sure you like what you’re eating, while also adding in a few things that are good for the brain.

  1. 1. Illy Coffee

    Illy Coffee is by far the best coffee to make at your house. It’s rich, delicious, and even comes in little k-cups, so it's perfect for any coffee maker you may have. During finals, I think it’s smart to start the day with your own coffee. It’ll give you an excuse to get out and walk around later in the day when you need to make a Starbucks run for a mid-afternoon coffee break.

  2. 2. Fruit

    During finals, I like to start my mornings by eating some fruit. Fruit has a lot of very bright flavors which is good for waking you up early in the morning. The natural sugars are also good for a quick jolt of energy before the coffee hits, so you can start your morning being productive.

  3. 3. Candy

    Candy is absolutely necessary for the afternoon and especially that late-night push. Just when you think you can’t possibly focus anymore, you can open up some Sour Patch Watermelons and crank out another hour of studying.

  4. 4. Target brand “Monster Mix”

    Monster Mix from Target is the absolute best snack in the entire world. It has raisins and nuts to sustain your hunger, but also delicious chocolate and peanut butter chips to make the perfect combination of sweet and salty. This is a great snack to have throughout the day and it isn’t super messy, making it perfect to just throw in your backpack!

  5. 5. Salt and Vinegar Chips

    After eating all of the sweet foods I mentioned above, I usually crave something salty. Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips are a final must-have. They are easy to share with study groups and are also super easy to carry around.

Finals week definitely comes with a lot of stress, but food should not be the cause! Make sure to stock up on your favorite foods so you can at least have something positive to look forward to while studying.


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