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My Final Thoughts on Tomi Lahren  

Tomi Lahren and I have a bit in common: we’re both white women in our twenties, both from the Midwest, both outspoken, and apparently both Pro-Choice. Tomi has preached about her love of small government and claims that being anti-choice would make her a hypocrite because she wants the government out of her guns and her body. If you’re a woman, or even if you aren’t, you know that access to birth control and safe abortions have been at the center of our fight for years, and it has been one of the most divisive issues among liberals and conservatives. Tomi faced substantial backlash for her pro-choice stance, and she was even suspended from The Blaze. This brought many people, especially liberal white women like myself, to reconsider our previously anti-Tomi views. It’s important to remember, that despite her choice to speak up about being pro-choice, she still is pro-Trump, pro-ban, pro-wall, and anti-Black Lives Matter. You cannot be a feminist and not advocate for all women, and Tomi does not even come close.  

(FYI Tomi, going after Hillary Clinton doesn’t mean you “can’t see color,” it means you can pick an easy target.)  

I consider myself a feminist, I always have and I always will, so I’m not going to call Tomi a ditz or attack her appearance, despite her claims that that’s what feminists do. No Tomi, attacking women for their appearance is what your beloved President Trump does, or have you forgotten? She claims to want to be a woman, not a victim, and yet she supports a man who has admitted on tape to grabbing women by the pussy. She claims to not be racist but refers to Black Lives Matter as the new KKK, despite the fact that — as Trevor Noah pointed out — you can’t have a new KKK if the old one hasn’t gone anywhere. Black Lives Matter calls for an end to violence against black people and systematic oppression. I don’t know what part of dismantling racism screams KKK to Tomi, but that might just be my “liberal worldview” or “snowflake mentality.”  

Some may say that Tomi is paving the way for women. After all, she is only twenty-four and she’s practically a household name. The world of politics and political communication is still incredibly male-dominated, especially in the conservative field, and Tomi is adding a rare female voice to that movement. Tomi speaks her mind — after this week that much is clear. She says what she believes even if it does not resonate with the rest of her base. So while yes, she really is pro-choice, she’s also just as bigoted as she appears in her videos.  So Tomi, from one millennial (Is that label okay with you? I wouldn’t want to offend anyone here.) woman to another, I’m glad we could find common ground on being pro-choice, but excuse me if it’s gonna take a lot more than that to make me #teamtomi.

Sophie is a junior at Boston University studying Psychology and Education. When she isn't memorizing parts of the brain or writing papers on the philosophies of teaching, she likes to dance, shop, and obsess over her pet rabbit.
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