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My Favorite Spots to Walk to From Campus

By Sonja Caballero

Last weekend I walked a total of 21.4 miles with my best friend. She came to visit me at BU for the weekend and I brought her to all my favorite places. We were so caught up in the excitement of catching up and exploring the city together that the extreme workout didn’t feel like much of a feat. During this time, I mentally compiled a list of my favorite places in Boston within walking distance from my dorm!


1. Charles River Esplanade: 0.7 miles, 8 minutes

The Esplanade along the Charles River is my favorite place to escape the city. It is so accessible and perfectly displays all of New England’s gorgeous seasons. It’s also the best place to bike and run near campus.


2. By Chloe 0.6 miles, 13 minutes

I’ve had a lot of hesitation from my friends to try a vegan place, but By Chloe blows even the highest expectations out of the water. And come on, you really can’t beat the aesthetic. The menu is impressive, but I’d recommend the Guac Burger for first timers.


3. Amory Park 0.7 miles, 14 minutes

I stumbled on this green space after getting lost one day, but I am forever grateful for the misdirection. Amory Park is just a short walk from West Campus and, being a dog park, always has an ample supply of pups to aww over. There is also a gated area with walking paths that make you forget the city is so close.


4. Blackbird Donuts 0.4 miles, 14 minutes

I have been a lover of donuts for all of my life, and Blackbird does not disappoint. They have an amazing flavor collection (check out their menu), and great coffee to go with the baked treats. My personal favorite is the cinnamon roll donut, pictured here.


5. Museum of Fine Arts 1.1 miles, 24 minutes

Art museums never really appealed to me, so I wasn’t sure the MFA would be worth the hike. I can safely say that even people who know nothing about art can appreciate the extensive collections on display here. The museum has so many twists and turns and rooms to discover, and even a cute café and gift shop!  

Boston is undoubtedly an incredible city, with one of its qualities being the ability to walk to places like these. America’s Walking City lives up to its name time and time again. The best part is you don’t even realize you’ve walked an insane amount of miles until you’re back in your room at night reflecting on how great your day’s adventure was.


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