My Favorite Places to Eat In Boston

After living in Boston for a year and a half, I’m slowly adding to my repertoire of restaurants I beg my friends to take me to when the weekend rolls around.  As a dedicated foodie whose mood always improves after a filling meal, I’ve compiled a list of various restaurants that I’d highly recommend trying.  They span a vast array of cuisines and price ranges. Whether you live in Boston or are merely visiting for the weekend, you are sure to find a restaurant worth trying for the first time or revisiting.

1. Trident Booksellers and Cafe

338 Newbury St. Boston, MA

Upon first walking in, it appears you’ve stumbled into a small Barnes and Noble. But turn your head a little to the left and situated parallel to the aisle of books and magazines is a bright and inviting cafe that actually expands to the upper level. And while the word “cafe” often suggests you walk in and order a coffee and pastry to nibble on, this restaurant provides an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu loaded with options across the food spectrum.  If you want to add a boost of sweetness to your meal, order one of the many delicious smoothies. It was a necessary complement to my eggs benedict.

2. Emmet’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

6 Beacon St. Boston, MA

Yes, I know Boston is littered with Irish pubs. But there is a reason I’m singling out this one.  Located a short walk from the Park St. T stop, Emmet’s Irish Pub is my go-to whenever I’m in deep need of a burger and fries. The atmosphere is comforting and despite being a pub, rather laid-back.  I’ve never had to wait for a table, and the food is spectacular. My last visit there, I sampled my friend’s shepherd’s pie and believe I will now have to mix up my order from time to time.

3. California Pizza Kitchen

Prudential Tower, 800 Boylston St #155, Boston, MA

You might’ve guessed California Pizza Kitchen isn’t native to Boston, but until moving here for school, I hadn’t even heard of it.  Luckily, a friend of mine (a fan of CPK herself) suggested we go one night. After my first slice, there was absolutely no turning back. Cooked to perfection with a plethora of unique combinations to choose from CPK is the place to eat at if you want to enjoy high-quality pizza in a setting appropriate for a date, dinner with the family, or a night out with friends.

4. Blaze Pizza

Photo Credit: Lena Mirisola Photography

123 Stuart St. Boston, MA, 1282 Boylston St. Boston, MA, 961 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA

Another excellent pizza spot with a spattering of locations throughout Boston, Blaze pizza is a perfect spot for those who crave a filling meal at an inexpensive price. Unlike CPK where you are seated and your order is taken, Blaze is a subway-style restaurant- you walk in and build your pizza precisely to your liking. There are countless toppings to decide between and after building your masterpiece, the pizza is placed into your hands after just a few short minutes of baking. I have most definitely abandoned schoolwork on a whim when my stomach growled and led me straight to Blaze.

5. Vejigantes

Photo Credit: Boston Common Magazine

57 W Dedham St. Boston, MA

I very recently ate at Vejigantes for my friend’s birthday celebration and since have been longing to return.  With a casual, cozy atmosphere, this restaurant serves premium Puerto Rican cuisine. I scoured the menu trying to decide between the various pollo, carne, and marisco dishes, and eventually settled for paella valenciana, a meal that I’m convinced is simply unbeatable.  The combination of exquisitely flavored rice, chicken, and chorizo left me full for the entire day afterward. I could not stop raving about the incredible pallet of flavors. If you still have room left for dessert after your entree, order the dulce de leche cake.  It will compliment your dinner with a blast of sugary heaven.

6. Pho Pasteur

682 Washington St. Boston, MA

I am constantly trying to convince myself to sample new restaurants in Chinatown.  Pho Pasteur, however, makes that task difficult, as I cannot help but return for what I consider to be the signature my friends and I share.  This was the restaurant in which we cultivated our friendships as students new to the Boston area, so naturally, our loyalty runs deep. Pho Pasteur is another fantastic place obtain a quick, inexpensive and quality meal.  While possessing a variety of options, I’d highly recommend the chicken, seafood, or vegetarian pho. It is the definition of comfort food, perfect for appeasing your appetite on a chilly night.

7. Cheesecake Factory

115 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA

Okay, I know we’ve all likely been to or at least heard of Cheesecake Factory.  But I’d like to include it as a reminder that not only is the food delicious and the cheesecake deserving of its title, but this restaurant quite literally contains everything.  So if you want a quality meal, but are grasping at what to eat, walk or take the T to the Prudential Center, and pinpoint your desired meal from the never-ending menu of options.

8. Maria’s Taqueria

226 Tremont St. Boston, MA

An excellent and speedy remedy to the hungry pedestrian, Maria’s Taqueria has delicious burritos and other delicacies that will fill your stomach without burning a hole in your wallet. It has tables if you wish to sit, but I’ve always loved grabbing a burrito, as well as some chips and guac, and then enjoy these riches in a friends room over a funny TV show or some delightful conversation.

9. The Paramount

44 Charles St. Boston, MA

If you want a casual but wonderfully tasty breakfast/brunch, this is the place to try. It’s a quaint restaurant off Charles St. that serves an unrivaled plate of huevos rancheros.  You walk in, line up at the counter and select your meal from a multitude of sweet and savory dishes. A waitress then seated my friend and me at a prime seat by the window and kindly hung our coats up for us. As I bit into the fresh avocado and chomped down on a warm, crispy tortilla, I knew I’d definitely be visiting again.

Boston contains an extensive list of well known as well as secret places to obtain fantastic food.  And since I am still relatively new to the area, I cannot come even close to naming them all. But hopefully, after reading this list, you will be inspired to try at least one of these incredible restaurants.


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