My Favorite Makeup Essentials of 2018

One of the things that college has taught me is how to be a minimalist. Makeup is one of the most important things in our wardrobe. It makes us feel powerful, cute, and productive. However, sometimes it can take up too much space and time. During school when I do have free time, I spend it on homework and sports. My makeup is not my priority. However, when it’s one of those days and I want to look good these are my favorite products to use.

When it comes to makeup I prefer few expensive but high-quality products than tons of cheap stuff. Here is my list of my favorite products:

Now, everything that I mentioned above is all my makeup, but for every day, that’s a bit too much. Here’s what I use every day: I either put on Chanel foundation, powder, brows, and eyeliner.  Or I combine the Marc Jacobs primer and Dew Drops together and use them as a foundation, then I add a little powder (to make the highlighter look more natural). Then brows, and eyeliner. I love blush, but I rarely use it in the winter because my checks get very red in the cold and if I put blush on, I’ll look like a clown.

If you’re really on a budget and can only afford one or two things on this list, I highly recommend the foundation and the eyeliner. That foundation looks extremely natural and the eyeliner stays for an entire day. Don’t forget to set it!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to live a more minimalistic life when it comes to makeup. Invest in high-quality products rather than buying in bulk. Trust me, they’re expensive for a reason. It’s easier, cleaner and you can spend your money elsewhere (like perfumes for example).


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