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Growing up, I’ve always gravitated towards female artists, and even as an adult, nothing’s changed. Whether it’s due to their inherently superior voices (men just can’t give me vocals the way women do) or their greater versatility in musical styles and visual concepts, female artists can explore music and art in ways that no male artist can even come close to. Because of that, there are so many incredible female artists out there, but here are my personal favorites.

Mariah Carey

The Songbird Supreme herself. Mariah has shaped the industry with her massive vocal range and incredible songwriting talents, and her pristine discography deserves to be studied in music history classes. She’s pioneered genres and inspired entire generations of singers, so it’s no wonder she’s managed to maintain her career for 30 years.

Song recommendations: “Underneath the Stars,” “To Be Around You,” “Candy Bling,” “Breakdown,” and “Joy Ride.”


Taeyeon has dominated the continent of Asia as the main vocalist and leader of Girls’ Generation, the biggest girl group in K-Pop history, and thanks to her explosive solo music career, her reign just won’t let up. With a delicate yet powerful voice that spans a wide range, she’s considered one of the industry’s best vocalists, and the many female K-Pop idols who look up to her can attest to that.

Song recommendations: “Why,” “Feel So Fine,” “Time Lapse,” “Rain,” and “I.”

Whitney Houston

Whitney was one of the greatest vocalists of all time, hence why she’s remembered fondly as The Voice. Like Mariah, she’s influenced an entire generation of singers with her voice and music, and her legacy lives on through artists like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. She was truly one of the best to do it, and I’ll never let anyone forget that.

Song recommendations: “I Belong to You,” “I’m Every Woman,” “Just the Lonely Talking Again,” “How Will I Know,” and “Run to You.”


I genuinely believe Beyoncé is superhuman. Very few performers of her caliber can sing well, and very few vocalists of her caliber can dance, but she’s somehow managed to master both arts. Her four-octave range gives even Mariah a run for her money, her ability to command a stage is on par with that of Janet, and her creativity with visuals is an art in itself. Beyoncé truly is the biggest star of the millennium.

Song recommendations: “Countdown,” “Green Light,” “Get Me Bodied” (Extended Mix), “Rocket,” and “Dangerously in Love.”


From one multi-talented artist to another, IU can do it all. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, guitarist, actress, and even a pretty good dancer! She’s also the most successful solo artist in K-Pop history if that matters to you. Underneath the talent, though, is one of the kindest and humblest souls in the ever so harsh entertainment industry.

Song recommendations: “Dlwlrma,” “Sleepless Rainy Night,” “Bad Day,” “Good Day,” and “Palette.”

These are just my personal favorites, but there are countless other women who bless the world with their talents. Who are some of your favorites?

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Charlie Ough is a junior at CAS studying English. Aside from writing, his interests include makeup, skincare, and Mariah Carey.
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