My Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

I’m an autumn baby, so maybe I’m biased, but I think fall has the best of everything. The best food, the best holidays, the best weather, and most importantly, the best fashion. I literally find myself counting down the days until I can don my cute little booties and chunky sweaters again. Fall fashion is so versatile and there’s so much fun you can have mixing in different trends and styles. So, without further ado, I present a list of my favorite fall fashion trends this season!


  1. 1. Turtleneck Sweaters

    I absolutely love the look of turtleneck sweaters. They are such a good staple piece to have in your fall wardrobe. There are so many different styles you can get them in to match your own aesthetic; cropped, ribbed, knit, loose, tight, etc. You can wear them with leggings for a more casual look, tuck them into your favorite pair of jeans, or even tuck them into a skirt. Overall turtleneck sweaters are the perfect piece to keep you warm in the brisk Boston weather, while still looking stylish! 

  2. 2. Oversized Sweaters

    Nothing says fall like a cozy oversized sweater. This is another staple that comes in so many different colors and styles and that can be styled in multiple ways. Tuck them into your favorite pair of jeans, or wear them with a cozy pair of leggings and boots. You can dress this up or keep it casual depending on your vibe for the day. No matter how you style it, you’ll be ready to keep warm in the brisk Boston weather.

  3. 3. Mom Jeans

    I’m honestly so glad that skinny jeans are no longer the only acceptable and fashionable jeans. The jeans we used to laugh at our parents for wearing are back with a vengeance! With their high waist and loose fit, mom jeans are cute and comfy. I love the relaxed look of mom jeans, and they work so well with so many different outfits. Throw on a sweater tucked in with your mom jeans and a cute belt and you’re good to go!

  4. 4. Flare Jeans

    Ok, I know you might be having flashbacks to the early 2000s with this one, but I swear they’re somehow cuter now. Inspired by the boho 70s style that’s coming back, adding a pair of flare jeans to your wardrobe can really spice up your outfits. Try different colors and washes to see what suits your style!

  5. 5. Suede Skirts

    Brown suede/faux suede skirts are another popular trend this season. Most often seen in a straight silhouette with buttons down the front, this cute skirt goes with almost anything. Tuck in a cute turtleneck with some knee-high boots and you’ve got yourself a stylish outfit!

  6. 6. Plaid Everything

    The preppy plaid look is back! However, this is not the colorful plaid we saw soar in popularity in the early 2000s. This season neutral plaid color palettes are in, such as beige and brown. From plaid skirts to pants, to jackets and blazers, plaid can be seen in many different ways in this season’s fashion trends. I personally love the look of the straight leg plaid pants that give off a trendy professional look.

  7. 7. Moto Jackets

    The name moto jacket comes from “motorcycle jacket,” and is the perfect way to add that extra little edge to your wardrobe. Moto style jackets come in a variety of different colors and materials, with the most popular styles: leather and suede. This jacket is the perfect outerwear to keep you warm and add a bit of biker chic to your closet. 

  8. 8. Chunky Heels

    Move over skinny stiletto heels, chunky heels are here to stay. Besides being easier to walk in, this style of heel adds a more retro-inspired feel to your outfit. Inspired by the 90s look, chunky heels are the perfect shoe to add an edgy vibe to your outfit. Whether pumps, platforms, or boots, keep your eye out for some chunky heels to add to your wardrobe.

  9. 9. Heeled Booties

    I practically count down the days until I can break out my favorite heeled booties. They are the perfect shoe to throw on with jeans and a sweater to instantly up the style and elegance of your outfit. With a variety of colors and styles, there are so many options to fit any outfit and occasion.

  10. 10. Ruffle Socks

    There’s nothing cuter than having a little pair of ruffled socks poke out from your boots. This adds a girly flair to any outfit. Try wearing some patterned ruffle socks with a cute pair of strapped chunky pumps for a girly yet alternative look. There are so many ways you can wear this trend to fit your personal style!

  11. 11. Scrunchies

    Remember when wearing a scrunchie was considered a fashion faux pas? Well, those days are far gone, as scrunchies are back and better than ever. This 80s hair staple can be seen everywhere today in a variety of different colors, patterns, and materials. As a girl with thick hair, I love this trend because scrunchies can actually hold my hair in as opposed to the 3 regular hair elastics I used to have to use.

  12. 12. Hair Clips

    Fun barrettes and hair clips are back! Bright colors, pearls, bedazzled, and even rhinestone words are all common varieties of the hair clip trend. This style is reminiscent of the early 2000s when fun hair clips and barrettes were all the rage. Have fun with this trend and try out different styles and placements of fun hair clips!

  13. 13. Decades Fashion

    Fashion is cyclical and trends of the past always have a way of coming back into mainstream popularity. Reflected in today’s fall trends we can see influences from the 70s, 80s, and 90s specifically. Pictured above is a 70s styled look, incorporating the plaid trend we see today. Even aspects of the early 2000s are making a comeback! To save some money try going thrift shopping to get some truly vintage clothes to add to your closet. And let this serve as a reminder to never throw away your clothes when they go out of style because odds are it will come back!

  14. 14. French Tuck

    We can all thank Tan France of Queer Eye for this one. The “French Tuck” consists of tucking a part of your top into your pants, as opposed to fully tucking in the shirt. I don’t know what it is but the second you tuck the front of your shirt into your pants you look 10 times more stylish.

  15. 15. Fall Color Palette

    Fall colors are some of my favorites, with their warm undertones and vivid hues. Some colors that are in this fall are burgundy, army green, yellow ochre, tan, burnt orange, and brown. Think about the beautiful colors of fall foliage as the leaves fall from the trees. 

Overall, fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and have fun experimenting with new trends and styles!

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