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My Eyelash Extension Experience: Everything You Need to Know!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

First, everyone was into getting their eyebrows microbladed. Then it was lip injections that were all the rage, colored contacts had their moment, and then freckle tattoos were all the rage…the list of trendy cosmetic enhancements and beauty procedures that have popped up in the past few years has expanded exponentially with the rise of social media and the explosion of the cosmetics industry. I get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, have had my hair dyed, wear acrylics on my nails quite often and have half-seriously looked into getting lip fillers at least a dozen times, so I’ve never shied away from changing up my look and dabbling into trends, fads, and phases. And most recently, the newest, hottest beauty craze I latched onto was lash extensions. For those of you who don’t know what eyelash extensions are, they are semi-permanent synthetic eyelashes that are glued to your natural ones. If it sounds ridiculous, that’s because it kind of is. But it’s exactly the type of extra that I like to be; so when I had the opportunity to try them out for myself, I jumped on it! So here I am, ready to dish all about my experience and whether I think it’s worth it or not!

Going into this, I had watched a few YouTube videos on what getting eyelash extensions was like and had a basic knowledge of how the process worked. But in general, I went into this without doing a whole lot of research. I decided to get mine done at the Amazing Lash Studio mostly because they had appointments available and the pricing was relatively cheap. Although I didn’t do a whole lot of research into the salon I went to, I ended up being really happy with my experience at the Amazing Lash Bar. I was pleased with the cleanliness, friendliness, and overall good vibe of the place, so if there is one near you, definitely check them out!


When choosing a place, make sure look up their website and see if they have pictures or information about their lash technicians. You want them to be experienced and to have a solid clientele who’ll vouch for them. Furthermore, make sure to check out reviews and ratings on websites like Yelp to see what people have to say. This procedure does involve your eyes and your face, so you want to make sure the people are professional, experienced, and clean. In general, I would try and go to a salon that specializes in eyelash extension and does them exclusively as opposed to a nail or hair salon that also happens to offer the service. That way, you can be sure you’re getting the best experience possible!

When I called Amazing Lash Studio to book an appointment, the lady informed me that the procedure would take two hours and that I needed to come fifteen minutes before my appointment to fill out some paperwork. I was a little taken aback by this information; even though I felt that I had a pretty good idea of what these appointments were supposed to entail, I had no idea it would take that long! The appointment length didn’t deter me, however. I got there early and signed the necessary forms, which basically said the company was not responsible if you had any adverse reactions to the glue or tape used. That being said, if you have sensitive skin or eyes, or severe allergies of any kind, I would not recommend this procedure, or at least forewarn that you should think seriously about it. However, if this is something you still want to do but you are nervous about any potential reactions or sensitivities, definitely set up a consultation with the lash studio or your lash technician to get all your questions answered and concerns addressed!

I filled the forms out quickly, and once I was done I was led to a small bathroom to wash my lashes and remove any leftover makeup off. Definitely make sure you show up to your appointment makeup-free; it speeds the process up and makes it easier for everyone involved. After I gently washed my eyes and lashes with their special soap, I met my technician, who led me to the room where I was to get my eyelashes done. She had me choose from one of four styles: natural, glam, sexy, and cute. She then laid me down on a comfortable reclinable bed. If you’ve ever gotten your eyebrows done, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. She made sure I was comfortable, that the temperature and lighting of the room were preferable, and then got to work.

I can’t tell you exactly what she was doing for the whole two hours because my eyes were closed. But what I gleaned was that she used sticky tape to maneuver my eyelids and lash line at different angles so she could carefully apply individual lashes around my natural one. She put the synthetic lashes both under and above my lashes, so that the fake ones could blend together, and would look full, fluffy, and natural.

In the beginning, I was definitely a little more nervous than I expected I would be. I’m usually a very chill and relaxed person, but the thought of being stuck in a small room for two hours while some woman applied eyelashes to my eyelid spiked my anxiety a bit. I kept thinking about what would happen if it turned out I was allergic to the glue or the tape and I had some horrible reaction. But I eventually settled in and relaxed when I realized everything was fine. My technician did a great job of checking in with me and making sure I was okay. At the end of the two hours, I was so chilled out I was half asleep. However, if you’re a claustrophobic or anxious person, it’s something to note that you are stuck sitting still for two hours in a small white room while someone painstakingly glues individual lashes to your eyeball. If that’s something you don’t think you could handle, lash extensions may not be right for you.

Once the two hours were up and all my lashes were on, I was super pleased with the results! The lashes looked even better than I could have imagined! Naturally, I have super light, blonde eyelashes, and I was worried the falsies wouldn’t blend in with my natural lashes. In the end, I couldn’t even see my real lashes. Instead, I had the dark, long, and perfectly curled and wispy lashes of my dreams. I loved the way they looked!

Furthermore, I was able to get used to them really quickly. After a couple of blinks, I couldn’t even feel them; it was like they weren’t even there. They were super comfy and lightweight and didn’t interfere with my vision.

In general, I am really happy with how they turned out, and have really been enjoying the way they look. I get lots of compliments and feel super confident.

However, there are some things to consider when looking into getting eyelash extensions. First, the cost. My initial set was $90. That’s super expensive, especially considering a full refill then costs $250.00 and a 30-minute touch-up costs $60.00.  Plus, you need to get them refilled every two to four weeks. It definitely starts to add up and is not a cheap procedure that needs to be done so regularly.

With Amazing Lash Studio, you can pay for a membership that aims to reduce costs. It’s $70 for a membership to the Amazing Lash Studio, which includes one eyelash refill per month and additional services, like touch-ups or removals, at discounted rates. So if this is something you see yourself doing regularly, definitely look into the Amazing Lash Studio membership or other similar membership programs offered at other studios and salon.

Another thing to note beside cost is that they lashes require a good bit of maintenance. In the first 48 hours, you can’t get them wet; that includes not wetting them in the shower, no sweaty exercise, nothing like that. You also have to be careful about rubbing them or sleeping on them in those first few hours. Once the 48 hours is up, you can go back to your normal routine and freely wash your face and workout. You do need to be careful about the kinds of makeup removers or products you use around your eyes, as certain oil-based products can break down the glue faster.

In terms of comfort, while the lashes never itched or irritated my eyes, I did find myself wishing I could rub my eyes or face. It’s something I do when I’m tired or stressed, and I definitely took for granted how satisfying it is to freely rub your eyes. I would often find myself starting to rub my eyes, but would catch myself and stop immediately. Nothing ever fell out or hurt when I did happen to accidentally rub my eyes a bit, but it is something to be careful of. I did also sleep on my face and the lashes didn’t hurt or irritate me, but they do recommend trying not sleeping on your eyelashes as it can cause them to fall out faster.

Another thing I didn’t anticipate was that I found it kind of difficult to wear eye makeup. I love doing dramatic eyeshadow looks, but it was too hard for me to maneuver around the lashes to do a cut crease or dramatic halo eye. However, the lashes were sort of becoming a statement in and of themselves, so dramatic eye makeup definitely isn’t needed. With a beat face and neutral matte lip, they made a super quick and put together look. They definitely did cut my getting ready time in half, but I missed my glitter eyeliner and brightly colored eyeshadow! That definitely boils down to personal preference, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

You also have to consider that when the lashes do start to fall out, you are left with a patchy, clumpy lash line. I personally don’t mind looking a little crazy, so it hasn’t bothered me. But if you don’t have time to get your set refilled, and can’t having half a set of lashes, these just may not be worth it for you.

In conclusion, while these were a fun little experiment, I don’t think I would get these regularly. Although I really really liked how they looked, the price is just a little too high for my college student bank account. I would definitely recommend these for a big special event; these would be cute to get for a vacation or sorority formal because they really do look great and can transform a look. If your willing to drop some serious coin and have the time and energy to maintain them, I’d say go for it!  I really liked the way they looked, and would definitely get them again for a special occasion.


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