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My Experience with the Nintendo Switch Part One

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

When you mention the Nintendo Switch to most people, they’ll mention to you Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, or some Mario games. I got the Switch for none of those games. After saving up and inevitably splurging, I bought the console. 

I had been thinking about it for several years, and debating over purchasing it. I made the leap and bought a couple of games. Going through the Switch library of games, I quickly discovered that the games I’m used to playing and enjoying weren’t really available. 

Photo Credit: Polygon

The games I tend to enjoy are indie, horror, RPG games, and the Switch seems to be carrying a lot of big-name games that focus on action or game-play. While I don’t really enjoy dialogue-oriented games, I’m also not a huge game-play person. I don’t enjoy fighting bosses or having one-on-one fights to advance to the next level. 

Photo Credit: Gaming Respawn

Naruto Ninja Storm is a huge game on the Switch, but its gameplay is an example of what I don’t necessarily enjoy. 

I do enjoy games like Stardew Valley, but I’m not willing to buy another copy of it when I already have it on my computer. So I’ve been hunting for more games, and managed to find things like Evoland, Deltarune, and a few small horrors. I haven’t played them yet, but when I do I will probably review them as another part to this article.

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Anchita is a freshman at Boston University, studying business with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Her hobbies include reading and writing.
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