My Conflicting Feels About the Semester’s End

The end of the school year can always be a weird time for many of us. Even as a kid I remember the total joy that came with the realization that summer was near, but the instant sadness in knowing that I would be removed from most of those in my grade for this vacation period.

Before we all graduated from high school, this meant that we would be without the daily routine of seeing classmates and friends for a period a little over two months. However, in college, the end of each year means the ending of so many different relationships, some which may not even be realized.

As a transfer student who just started this semester, the concept of the semester being complete is hard to believe. It seems as if I have just gotten my full bearings on campus, only to have them totally stripped with the change of pace a school year will inevitably bring in the fall. And while I am more quite content on the warmer weather and change of schedule, there are just some feelings I cannot seem to help to shake as May moves closer and closer.

The first is the idea of the now separation from all of the amazing individuals I met this semester.

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Boston University is full of students from all over the world. Therefore, the chances of having friends who live in the same state, the same region of the country, or even the same country are not as likely. While it is easy in 2019 to stay in touch through social media, the idea of being on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world from close friends is difficult.

There is also the idea of going abroad. As a junior, many in my grade will be going abroad for the fall semester, therefore I will not see a great deal of the people who I met this past semester for quite some time. Knowing that the goodbyes said in May could potentially be the last goodbyes for a period of eight months is a difficult realization.

Another gnawing feeling as the semester closes is not feeling complete with all that has been accomplished in the past few months.

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Not only does the end of the semester mean the last of seeing certain friends, but it also is the acknowledgement that you may not have done all that you wanted to this year. It always feels as though you will have more time to accomplish all that you wanted to at the beginning of the semester, but by the time finals roll around, the reality sets in that there isn’t enough time.

All the restaurants you wanted to try, sites you wanted to see, and experiences you wanted to have cannot possibly fit into fifteen weeks. Instead, you pick and choose the absolute necessities, hoping that you made the right choice.

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The last bitter taste left in my mouth is that another year of college that has gone by.

While it seems that just yesterday I was getting ready to go to summer orientation and ordering all my freshman essentials, now I am two years into being fully invested in secondary education.

Not only have I met many seniors at BU this semester, but I also have personal experience on the subject matter, as my older brother is a graduating senior. Like me, it seems that I was standing at his dorm room at the end of August in the sweltering heat, helping him move in. Now as the date of his graduation ceremony is about a month away, my family and I prepare to move him out of his college for the very last time. It makes one reflect on how such a block of time can pass so fast.

Since this is my first semester at BU, this ending date seems to be approaching even faster than I could have ever imagined. However, as the semester is closing, I feel content with all that has happened; the events I experienced, all the people I met, the knowledge I gained, and the memories I made. I know these will only continue to grow with my next two years here on campus.

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My parting advice to those feeling this same internal conflict is to not dwell on what was not done, but be grateful for all that happened in the three-month period. And while there will never be another semester quite like this one, the exciting part of college is never fully knowing what tomorrow has in store. So during these last few weeks, take some time to sit at your favorite spot on campus and do a little self-reflection to appreciate the past and look forward to what the future has in store.


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