My College Family, and How You Can Build Your Own

At times, college can get really hard. It’s only my second year here and for anyone who knows me, I’m always panicking. So many classes, so many commitments, and so much crying.

If it wasn’t for my little “college family” I don’t think I’d be even remotely happy through the stress of college. It gets hard, everyone knows it and there’s just no way to get around it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Kir, what is a college family?”

To me, a college family would be a group of friends who become your family by taking on family roles. I honestly should get this expression patented. Such a good term, right?

Curious to see if you have your own college family? I’ll help you figure it out: 


1. Mother

Your mother would be that one friend who makes sure that you are mentally and physically okay. She’ll check that you are eating and taking care of yourself, and she’ll ask if you’re done with homework before going out.


2. Father

This is the friend who will make sure no one will hurt you in any way. Do not mess with them or their child! They are sometimes a little rough on the outside, but once you get to know them, they are so loving. They will always be by your side and will comfort you when you are at your lowest point.


3. Sister

Now, this is the ride or die friend who will literally jump off a cliff if you do and be ready to do anything at any time. They are your number one supporter and will always be there when you are happy, sad, funky, or anything in between. A true must-have to your perfect college family.


4. Brother

This person will always be there to support you and call you out when you are wrong, which is a huge asset when your ego is a little too high.


I found my college family while studying abroad. That’s when I met people who made me smile more than I ever have before and made me feel so safe. Here they are!

You can find your own college family at any point during your college experience. It’s not a cookie cutter, and you will people that relate to you and your life.

Your college family can make your college experience amazing. Having people to turn to makes the homesickness much more bearable!


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