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My American Boyband: Why Brockhampton is Important

I feel like the sound of our generation changes so frequently. Sometimes, I’m praising artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish for eloquently voicing my mellow moods. Then I feel like getting angsty to the sounds of The Neighborhood. Until recently, no artist or group had come close to encompassing all the issues and emotions tied to them that I feel on a daily basis. That’s when Brockhampton came into my life and changed the game completely.

Brockhampton is the raddest, baddest group of artists (from rappers and singers to producers and graphic designers) in existence right now. Since the beginning of this year, their success has skyrocketed like crazy and they are going nowhere but up. And I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees or hates on their Cinderella come up for a few reasons.

Reason One: The Story

It all started with Kevin Abstract: in 2015, he made his vision of a group of incredibly talented people who also loved great music come true. Originally connected through a Kanye West fan site, the 15 members of the boy band created what would become Brockhampton. They have lived together since their founding, from Texas to Los Angeles. As teens, they followed their passions in life together, supporting each other in every way possible. Anything they release is produced solely by the members of the group and while they increase their group of famous friends like Jaden Smith, they promise fans that nothing is changing. If you watch any of their tour videos or even their show “American Boyband” on Viceland, you will definitely feel their fun and creative brotherly love (and it’s really quite adorable.)

Reason Two: The Boys

While 15 members is a lot, not one of the boys in the band is “the forgotten one” in my honest opinion. The characters of Brockhampton make up a very wide spectrum of different vibes that you can totally see yourself getting along with. You can tell through the music and other aesthetic details of the group that each one is just a genuine person pursuing a genuine career in music. And while the performers of the group tend to get more on-stage attention, everyone is put in the spotlight when it comes to their special fields as well as appearances in their unique music videos.

Reason Three: The Music and the Message

When it comes to making music that not only sounds good but makes you feel less alone and more understood, Brockhampton has really nailed it. The boys address issues like sexuality, rape, and racism among a bunch of other -isms that threaten the freedom of our generation. They are able to present these topics in ways that make you want to bop until there’s no more will to bop or cry yourself to sleep. Within just one album (btw, they released three in total just last year), you will find all of the different emotions coursing through your body as a confused kid/adult in our miserable America. There is probably a song that can fit any of your tune moods on any given day. And if they haven’t made it yet, there is tons of new work coming soon.

I know rap isn’t usually everyone’s cup of tea, but Brockhampton really is turning into the sound of our generation. The group itself is so dynamic and inclusive and at the end of the day, they’re just a cute group of incredibly talented boys making amazing videos and beautiful music all on their own. How could you hate that?


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Noelle Monge is currently a senior in CAS, studying English. She loves earl grey-flavored treats and things that taste like fall, Broad City (#yas), and millennial pink anything. She's a Guam girl living in the always busy, eternally beautiful city of Boston. Hafa Adai all day!
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