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My 7 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston

Eating; one of my favorite things to do. I grew up in a foodie family so naturally trying new restaurants and foods (or as I like to call it: “food adventures”) became one of my favorite hobbies. When I came to Boston for university, I had no idea where to eat. I made it a priority to explore Boston and find amazing food! Here are some of my favorite places to eat in Boston (in no particular order):

1. Veggie Galaxy

Instagram: @veggiegalaxy

Ah, Veggie Galaxy. This restaurant is in Cambridge, but it’s one of my favorite places to eat. Veggie Galaxy serves delicious vegetarian diner food. I always order the Great Galaxy sandwich! I actually wrote a review about Veggie Galaxy for Her Campus, so check the article out!

2. Pavement Coffeehouse

Instagram: @pavementcoffee

I LOVE PAVEMENT COFFEEHOUSE. The Boston-based coffee shop has my favorite bagels in Boston. I always order the Sunrise on a multi-grain everything bagel. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could eat one every day. Pavement serves coffee, tea, sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. It’s a staple in Boston for college students!

3. Jugos

Instagram: @jugosboston

Jugos is a yummy juice and smoothie shop in Boston. It also makes acai bowls, which I absolutely adore. My favorite thing to get is the Stella Batido, which is a smoothie. Jugos is the place to go when you are craving something refreshing!

4.Trident Booksellers and Café

Instagram: @tridentbooks

Oh Trident, another Boston-college student staple. Many of my friends go here for brunch with friends and dates with prospective lovers. The bookstore and cafe serve breakfast all day and let me tell you, I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD. I get the Breakfast Sandwich on a bagel and a Green Monster smoothie to wash it down.

5. Saltie Girl

Instagram: @saltiegirl

Saltie Girl is a slightly fancier restaurant compared to the other establishments in this article. It’s a really cute and whimsical restaurant with great service. I normally go there with friends or visiting family. I always make sure to order the Torched Salmon Belly, Fried Lobster and Waffles, and some oysters!

6. Luke’s Lobster

Instagram: @lukeslobster

This is my go-to place for lobster (lobstah) rolls. Luke’s serves my personal favorite lobster roll in the Boston area. I normally get a classic lobster roll and a cup of clam chowder. It FILLS ME UP and I can’t eat for hours after because I’m so full, but it’s so worth it.

7. J.P. Licks

Instagram: @jplicks

J.P. Licks is my FAVORITE ice cream shop in Boston. It’s a Boston-based ice cream store with really fun and yummy flavors. It’s truly one of my top “treat yourself” places in Boston. I love getting the Peanut Butter Cookies ‘n’ Cream in a waffle cone!

I LOVE going to restaurants or ordering takeout! However, I know it adds up, especially as a college student. So, I try to be mindful but I am always up for a food adventure. These are just some of my favorite restaurants. I’m still exploring Boston and its food scene!

All photos taken from Instagram

Cover from Unsplash


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Mikaela is a sophomore in Boston University's College of Communication. Her major is advertising and has an focus in Spanish. Mikaela likes avocado toast, hot chocolate more than coffee, and dogs. Her passions include fashion, watching movies, and eating yummy food. 
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