Must-Have Mugs for Your Dorm

Mugs became a trendy thing to collect around 2011, where YouTubers like Bethany Mota were showing pictures of their pristine rooms that always had a mug by the bedside or on the desk. Middle school me saw this and thought: “Yeah, that’s how to be like them. Get some mugs.” Update: it doesn’t really work like that.

However, I will say that the era of bloggers with mugs kick-started my own obsession. To this day, mugs are one of those items I have a huge weak spot for. If it’s cute enough, I HAVE to buy it. No exceptions. Plus, even though I don’t use them every day, they make for a cute touch to a dorm room. (Or if you’re like me, a lot of cute touches—the top of my desk is all mugs.) If you’re looking to get inspiration on what type of mug you want to buy, or just want to see some cute ones, here are the ones I currently have at school!

1. The minimalist mug.

This mug is one of those that you can picture being on a super artsy post on Instagram. It probably would feature a book, a soft blanket, some girl in a sweater, and knee-high socks staring out a window at a rainy day. It’s a mug that almost anyone can enjoy, and is perfect for fall and winter days. I got mine at Walgreens, and honestly, it’s a Christmas mug! (There’s a little pine tree on the inner lip, but no one would know.)

2. The quirky mug.

I found this mug at home in New Jersey at a T.J.Maxx. It’s the largest mug I own and is perfect for a huge cup of hot chocolate or even for reheating yesterday’s pasta. I know that a silly saying isn’t for everyone, but I had to get it as a nod to my fur baby at home!

3. The wrap-around mug.

This mug is an exclusive sent to me in a book box. It’s an older-style mug with a lip and softer colors. It features something I hold dear to my heart: Harry Potter! The mug pictures a landscape of Hagrid’s home which shifts to the Forbidden Forest. While this same mug isn’t available for sale, there are plenty more similar ones out there! Grab one with whatever scene you want.

4. The heat-changing mug.

Fill up this cup with a hot liquid, and watch the scene change! For this mug in particular, heat causes the Cheshire cat to disappear. If you’re in the Boston area, you can grab one at The Fairy Shop on Newbury. If you don’t want an Alice in Wonderland mug, heat-changing mugs have become quite popular and are pretty easy to find!

5.  The childhood mug.

This one’s not quite from my childhood because I bought it two years ago, but I’m assuming not everyone is still as into Disney as I am. Whether it features Olaf or a 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon, having a mug that reminds you of better days will make you smile. Plus, this one’s a taller mug, which is perfect for soups and microwavable cake!

6. The quote mug.

I know many people who have a mug that features a line from their favorite TV series or book. This one isn’t a line straight out of a particular work but has “once upon a time” on it which I love. I got this one in the same book box as #3, so it isn’t available for purchase. If there’s a particular quote you’re looking for, I would check Amazon—I’ve bought mugs there before!

7. The fancy handle mug.

This mug isn’t in my possession yet, but it’s currently on its way! These mugs are always a little harder to drink from because of the funky handle, but they’re so unique and elegant. I feel like every household or dorm has one!

I hope this helped give you some inspiration for picking out a mug. I recommend Irish breakfast tea, tea lattes, or hot chocolate, but the possibilities are endless! If you have a favorite mug that you can’t be without, let me know and maybe I’ll have to pick one up myself.


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