The Mugar Library Finals Experience Told By GIFS

Mugar can be a pretty depressing place, but studying there is a universal experience for BU students. Almost everyone at this school can relate to these 12 moments. 


  1. 1. When you find the perfect lo-fi playlist to grind to.

    That anime girl on the lo-fi YouTube stream is all of us.

  2. 2. When you’re exhausted, but you fight through it because you need to study.

    What’s sleep?

  3. 3. When you log onto BlackBoard and see how much you actually have to do.

    But, why does that paper need to be 15 pages?

  4. 4. When it’s an hour before the deadline for a final paper.

    Is this even cohesive English? I don’t know, I have to submit it. Let's pray.

  5. 5. How people feel when they sneak food in. 

    Food attracts rats.

  6. 6. How they actually look.

    The stress-eating is real. 

  7. 7. When people start talking super loud in the quiet sections.

    Can’t you see I’m trying to teach myself a semester's worth of math in one day?

  8. 8. When you make eye contact with the people in the seats next to you.

    So. Awkward.

  9. 9. When you give up and leave.

    There comes a point where you’re not going to learn anything new and it’s better to just go to bed and take care of yourself. 

  10. 10. Going outside after being in the windowless rooms.

    This is also me when I go into the library when the sun is out and leave when it’s dark.

  11. 11. Crashing in your dorm at 3 AM.

    You will never experience sleep as good as when you come back late at night from studying.

  12. 12. When finals are over and you don’t have to see Mugar until next semester.

    Will be too busy enjoying summer to miss Mugar.  


Good luck on finals! See you in September!

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