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Monday Music Notes: Rainy Day Playlist

In anticipation of this coming week’s gloomy weather, as well as April showers that will soon arrive, I have put together a “rainy day” playlist for you all. These songs can be interpreted in a number of ways- some are sad and slow, some are funky R&B rhythms, and some are relaxing tunes that get you thinking or maybe they help you escape your thoughts. This playlist is whatever you want it to be! So open your blinds, wrap yourself in a blanket, and plug in your headphones to experience a rainy day the right way.

  1. Orelia- “Suggestions”
  2. Ron Pope- “A Drop In The Ocean”
  3. Demi Lovato- “My Love Is Like A Star”
  4. Maroon 5- “She Will Be Loved”
  5. John Mayer- “Clarity”
  6. Drake- “Doing It Wrong”
  7. Paramore- “When It Rains”
  8. Coldplay- “Sparks”
  9. OneRepublic- “Marchin On”
  10. Alicia Keys- “Unthinkable (I’m Ready)”
  11. Gavin DeGraw- “Dancing Shoes”
  12. Gemma Hayes- “Wicked Game”
  13. Weezer- “Say It Ain’t So”
  14. Amy Winehouse- “Valerie”
  15. The Cardigans- “Erase-Rewind”
  16. Death Cab for Cutie- “Marching Bands Of Manhattan”
  17. Lupe Fiasco ft. Sarah Green- “Letting Go”
  18. The Civil Wars- “Poison & Wine”
  19. Jacks Mannequin- “The Mixed Tape”
  20. Rihanna ft. Jay-Z- “Umbrella” (necessary for this playlist!)
  21. Death Cab for Cutie- “The New Year”

  New Music:

  • Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars- “Safe & Sound”
  • Demi Lovato- “Aftershock” & “Yes I Am” (Unreleased bonus tracks from her latest album, Unbroken)
  • Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj- “I Don’t Give A”
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