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Ming Fung “Eric” Suen


Ming Fung “Eric” Suen (CAS ’16) is pretty fly for a freshman studying Economics. Not only does he rock spiffy shoes and pressed pants on the regular, but also he can brighten your day with a genuine smile and a kind compliment. Depending on your language capabilities, he can deliver the compliment in English and/or Cantonese. That’s right. Eric hails from Hong Kong, China and is even a member of BU’s Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)!

HKSA isn’t the only organization Eric contributes to. Eric is a member of the executive board for BU’s I Embrace You, or as you may recognize it by its campus nickname, “The Free Hug Club”. Eric coordinates the weekly random acts of kindness that I Embrace You brings to the dining halls, dormitories, and CAS classrooms. He also participates in the Chinese Student Association (CSA). You may recognize him from the CSA’s Annual Culture Show that was back in November 2012. Eric was on stage, but he admits that his true talent is voicing Mickey Mouse in Cantonese.

But what is a Mickey to do without a Minnie? When it comes to Eric’s heart, you girls have to win it by masterfully cooking a great meal. Eric says that if a girl “can’t cook but pretends she can,” it’s a deal-breaker. (Maybe he likes cereal?) He dreams that one day he will take Olympic-record-breaking US soccer player Alex Morgan to the Eiffel Tower for a romantic getaway. As I assume the French say: Ooh, la, la! In order for this magical date to happen, Eric may need to borrow another quality he finds attractive: patience!

Typically, as soon as Eric finishes his academic obligations, it’s off to FitRec for basketball or a quick run around the track. (Psst, his workouts are never complete without listening to Kanye West’s “Clique” and Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.”)  For some downtime, Eric can usually be found in his favorite spot on campus: 10C in Warren Towers. Eric is proud of the fact that his floormates “all have a really good relationship [with] each of the members” and enjoy exploring Beantown together.

On Fridays, you’ll see Eric at Marsh Plaza giving free hugs…and what’s better than a priceless embrace from a Campus Cutie?



Photo Credit: Barron Roth Photography

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