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Midterm Season as Told by Nicholas Miller

Who else hates midterms? Let’s assume that is everyone. During my freshman year, midterms only lasted a week, one exam per class and that was it. This year, it seems as though midterm season never ends, instead it comes in two or three sets of midterms that don’t end until Thanksgiving break. Anywho, take a study break and amuse yourself with some Nick Miller gifs. Here is midterm season as told by Nick Miller.

Why do we have midterms in the first place?

Like we are all wondering, why give us the extra stress?

You’ve spent all Saturday locked up in the library and you’re not sure if you’ve made any progress.

Maybe your professor is making you memorize useless facts about the evolution of the crawfish. You don’t understand it, but at least you will be able to make it through the exam.

After getting your first midterm grades back, you realize you’ve reached rock bottom.

Your grades are low. You’ve reached rock bottom. But hey! There is only one way to go, and that is up!

While you are crying over your low grades, your friends are bragging about how well they did on all their exams.

Some of us are suffering out here. We don’t need you reminding us that not all of us are thriving. And when I mean we, I mean me.

When you finish your paper.

It may be trash and definitely does not reflect your best work, but hey! For something done at 3 am, it’s not half bad.

It’s been three weeks of exams and papers.

Genuinely, not sure how they keep creeping up on me like that.

After your second set of midterms, you’ve made some progress.

So you’re no longer at the bottom, but you still have a way to get to the top.

When your parents call after your exam to ask how it went.

“Hi, Mom. Yeah, I think it went alright. It went alright. Nope, I’m headed to catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed this week. Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Okie bye-bye.”

When you feel calm and confident when walking into your lecture hall.

It’s been a long midterm season, but you made it through. This is progress, and maybe from now on, you won’t procrastinate on your work? Well, you might have to wait until finals to see if that still holds true.

You’ve made it to Thanksgiving, and you’ve somehow finished.

Go get some turkey and get ready for the final haul after Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for another collection of gifs for this finals season and good luck with your midterms. Now get off the web and start studying!


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I'm a sophomore at Boston University studying journalism and public health.
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