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Meet Tiffany — Student by Day, Studygrammer by Night

In the age of Google Docs and Notes, handwriting notes seems like a daunting task when you can just let your fingers fly away on the keyboard instead of having to carefully write each and every word. But this isn’t the case for Tiffany. Student by day, studygrammer by night, she handwrites and posts her gorgeous notes on Instagram under the handle @tskstudies on a frequent basis. Her notes, adorned with cute stickers and covered in neat handwriting, continue to inspire over 200 of her followers. I had the opportunity to ask her about her thoughts on the studygram community and being a studygrammer:

1. So what exactly is a studygram?

A studygram is an Instagram account where you get to post and showcase pictures of what you’re studying – anything from notes to a simple study set-up.

2. Why did you start a studygram?

I started a studygram because I really admired other studygrammers, such as @likeimstudying and @studyquill, and thought it would be a perfect community for me to also showcase my notes and study habits.

3. Not only do you run a studygram, but you’re also a pre-med student. How do you juggle school and studygramming?

My planner has definitely helped me a lot in juggling both school work and my studygram. For each day of the week, I have a set time slot for when I’ll be studying, taking pictures for my studygram, editing, and going to my club meetings. By having a time table set up, it helps me visualize what has to get done and helps me organize my time as well. Of course, if I have too much school work in that week, I’ll prioritize my studies over my studygram.



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4. What benefits come with studygramming? What struggles have you faced in the process?

The benefits that come with studygramming is being able to connect with others and being accountable for my studies. I’ve met many amazing people through my studygram that I have become friends with, and I seriously admire their dedication and they inspire me every day to keep up the work that I do. I also think that by having a studygram, I am aware of whether I’ve been studying this week or not, because if I’m not studying, I have no notes to post! Thus, having a studygram helps motivate me to study, work hard, and post notes for my followers. I believe the biggest struggle I faced while starting up my studygram was editing my photos. In the studygram community, the white theme for pictures is the biggest and most popularly used editing process. A white theme is exactly what it sounds like – pictures that are bright and have white backgrounds. Since most studygrammers used this theme, I felt the need to do the same, but that turned out to be a chore and made me want to stop from studygramming. However, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t have to follow what others are doing and just edit my photos the way I want to because in the end, I want to be proud of the posts that I post even if it might not be aesthetically for others.



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5. What’s your favorite part about studygramming?

My favorite part about studygramming is being able to see how much others enjoy my notes and posts just as much as I do. It’s nice to have such a positive community and whenever I’m down, I always have people to turn to!

6. What are some of your studygramming essential?

Some of my studygramming essentials are my 0.7 mm Zebra Sarasa Clip Pens, Midliners, brush pens, computer, and of course, my phone to be able to take photos!



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7. For those who are interested in studygramming, what advice do you have for them?

My advice for those who are interested in studygramming is to simply start! If you want to start a studygram, create an account and post away. Also, I’d like to advise to not get so caught up on trying to make your posts like other accounts and with how many likes and/or comments you get. Though there are some people who only have studygrams to get followers and likes, in the end, you want to spend time on actions that are worthwhile to you. It’s not fun if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing or posting! Happy studygramming! :)


If you’re on the quest of making aesthetically pleasing notes and in need of inspiration, don’t forget to check out Tiffany’s posts on Instagram. @tskstudies is sure to inspire you to love creating your own notes for class!


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Emily is currently a junior at Boston University studying English and English Education. In addition to her love for reading and writing, she has an unhealthy obsession with cute desserts and graphic tee shirts. When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find her cafe hunting, bopping to music, or doodling.
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