Meet Sophie Fang (CAS’21): President of the Myles Standish Hall RHC

Ever wonder what it takes to organize events? Meet Sophie Fang (CAS ‘21), a junior studying computer science. Sophie does more than just solve problem sets and coding programs. She’s also the president of the Resident Hall Council (or RHC for short) at Myles Standish Hall. Read more to see what being president of an RHC is all about!

Responses have been edited for clarity.

What do you do as president of the RHC? What is the purpose of the Myles RHC?

I plan and organize events and direct resident hall council members. We create events for residents who live in Myles Standish Hall and some other smaller dorms.

Sophie with the rest of the RHC at an RHC event

Credit: Sophie Fang

What are the challenges and highlights of being president of the RHC?

Making sure everyone is communicating and completing the task they are assigned is a challenge. But I get to see residents have fun attending the events and I get to interact with them as well!

Why did you choose to be a part of the RHC?

Last year, I was the secretary for South Campus RHC. I had fun planning events and being part of an awesome group of officers. This year, I wanted to do it again so I applied to be president. 

What has been your favorite moment as president of the RHC at Myles?

We had a pumpkin painting event where the council members brought back the pumpkins. During the event, more people showed up than we expected and we all went around and talked with other residents. All our hard work of bringing back those pumpkins was worth it!

Credit: Sophie Fang

How has being a part of the RHC contributed to your BU experience?

It makes my life a bit tougher due to the deadlines. However, it's very rewarding. I get to make and attend events that residents and the council like to see.

Did joining RHC help you with your transition to BU?

I would say it did contribute to my transition to BU. As a transfer student, I was very nervous about finding a friend group, especially since most people in my classes already had an established friend circle. After joining South Campus RHC, I was able to meet some amazing people that I continue to interact with.

Any tips for people interested in being a part of the RHC?

Don't be afraid to join! It's not very hard to join, you'll get to meet some amazing people and you'll have the opportunity to make events from the tuition you've paid. So, make the most of it!

Credit: Sophie Fang

If you have any questions or suggestions for Sophie and the rest of the RHC, you can email [email protected]!


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