Meet Sandy Agustines—The Search for Higher Education Across the World

Sandy Agustines is a fearless sophomore Economics and History major at Boston University, who took the leap across the world toward higher education. Her courage, ambition, and journey to independence is an example for young women everywhere.

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Born in Manila, Philippines, Sandy decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and further her education in the United States. She bravely took the 8,422-mile leap toward independence and a quality higher education.

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“Adjusting to American culture, there was a big culture shock because I was born and raised in the Philippines in a Filipino/Chinese household so it’s relatively more conservative,” said Sandy.

Without her parents and friends from Manila beside her, Sandy spent her freshman year adjusting to American culture at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. Although homesickness greeted her daily, she tenaciously worked to make the United States her home.

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“Freshman year I did get very homesick, especially because there were barely any people from the Philippines and no one shared the same sentiments as me,” said Sandy. “I would usually deal with this by calling my friends from home and I just put a lot of my energy into joining clubs/meeting other international students so I would be occupied.”

Eventually, however, Sandy realized her dreams of an American education extended beyond the rural comforts of Bucknell. In 2019, Sandy decided to make another leap: toward the proud Citgo sign that marks Boston University. 

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Originally, Sandy hoped to attend school in New York City after being fascinated by city campuses. However, she found her sense of community at Boston University.

“Because of BU’s huge Filipino community I never really felt homesick at all—I found a home away from home and I was super grateful,” said Sandy.

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Although Sandy transferred to Boston University in Fall 2019, she is already reaching for the sky. Taking on a double major, being involved in BUFSA, and making strides in BU 180DC, Sandy has not slowed down – and she doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. 

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Sandy Agustines is the Terrier that demonstrates change does not break us down, but rather builds us up to who we are supposed to be. Combining her Filipino heritage with her scholarly ambition, Sandy is building her life on a global scale.  

Sandy hopes to one day work in Hong Kong or Singapore.


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